Which insurance formula to choose according to your accommodation?

As a student, you need to rent an apartment so that you can follow your university studies in good conditions. However, it will then be necessary to choose an appropriate home insurance that can cover the compensation of the owner in the event of a disaster in the home. In fact, when signing the rental lease, you are required to provide the landlord with a student home insurance certificate.

Indeed, it is now rare to find an owner who readily agrees to take a risky path without insurance coverage of his property. This is how you are required to choose a home insurance plan that is right for your situation. Along the same lines, you should also be able to distinguish between mandatory guarantees and useful guarantees. In terms of the prices offered, are they really capable of covering all the risks incurred? Are there still key points that require special attention? These questions lead us to make a brief overview of the contracts and guarantees offered by insurance companies according to your different needs, and in particular if you are a student.

Is the student required to provide accommodation?

All tenants are required to insure their accommodation, whatever it is, house or apartment, furnished or not. Moreover, regulatory texts have not failed to provide details on this point. The only mandatory guarantee offered to a tenant fits into the framework of what is expected by  » Rental Risk Guarantee « . This guarantee formula makes it easy to insure student accommodation, particularly in the event of water damage, fire and offering a legal protection and emergency breakdown assistance. In practice, it is included in a Global Civil Liability which also includes other guarantees and covers in particular damage caused to a third party. This form of guarantee makes it possible to avoid fully assuming the reimbursement of costs incurred in the event of damage caused to other people.

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You should know, however, that you are held responsible to the owner at all times for the damage you cause. On this point, we recommend that you act in the right direction. Always insure your apartment, if only to guarantee your Civil Liability with those around you in the event of a claim. Indeed, the “Civil Liability” guarantee constitutes the minimum insurance coverage required. It allows, in fact, compensation for third parties for direct or indirect damage caused by oneself or by a member of his family.

Student Housing Insurance

Student Housing Insurance

Focus on online offers for more diverse guarantees

Overall, the protection of property has been made through several guarantees. The origin of the loss is taken into account in the classification of the different forms of guarantees offered by home insurance. Thus, to have a better appreciation of the data essential to the constitution of a contract, it suffices to consider and compare the offers and guarantees of a specialized site in this direction.

Essential guarantees for basic protection

Moreover, within an insurance contract, there should be at least:

  • Warranty natural disaster which ensures the protection of property in the event of floods or storms.
  • The « fire », « flood », « storm » guarantee which covers property damaged as a result of damage resulting from a fire, a flood and a strong wind.
  • The water damage guarantee which compensates for damage caused by leaks, overflows and water infiltration.
  • Warranty  » Broken glass »Which guarantees reimbursement for damage due to a broken window or a broken veranda with breakable glazing.

Secondary guarantees for more comfort

Truth be told, these are only the essential insurance guarantees that we must not lose sight of for the coverage of goods. In any event, so-called “secondary” insurance guarantees are also available from insurers. Among other things, you can raise the  » theft guarantee »Which gives you access to a reimbursement in the event of theft of your goods. You can also find the  » electrical damage guarantee »Which allows the reimbursement of damages resulting from a short circuit or overvoltage. Other guarantees are still in sight, however, the presence of such guarantees does not always mean that repayment is automatic. Of course, the amount of the reimbursement remains dependent on three variables, namely:

  • the deductible amount, that is to say the fixed sum that you must cover in the event of a claim.
  • the amount of capital to be insured which contributes to restricting the scope of your home insurance and its guarantees.
  • the type of compensation specified in the content of the contract: reimbursement at the new value of the damaged property or taking into account its depreciation.
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In addition to this information, you must choose the most advantageous insurance premium offered by your insurer. This amount represents the amount that you must pay annually to the insurance company to cover your property.

Secondary Guarantee

Secondary Guarantee

Factors that can lower the insurance premium

What are the factors to consider in order to benefit from a more attractive insurance premium?

The franchise

The deductible represents the fixed sum payable by the insured in the event of a claim. Concretely, it oscillates between 100 and 400 euros per claim. It is commonly used by insurers to prevent their members from filing small claims. This situation does not fail to encourage the insured to increase their vigilance. A high deductible lowers the amount of the insurance premium.

The location of the property

If the apartment is at the last floor, it is likely to be easily subjected to the risk of leakage from the terrace. Likewise, an apartment located on the ground floor is well exposed to the risk of a burglary. In both cases, the insurer provides for a much higher insurance premium to cover the risks incurred.

The living area

You should also not lose sight of the fact that the area in which you live is taken into account in the calculation of this home insurance premium. The more you choose to settle in a Flood zone or in areas with heavy rainfall, the more you are faced with hefty bonuses.

In the end, when choosing an insurance plan, a student must exercise caution. Thus, the more he demands extensive coverage, the more the amount of his insurance premiums will increase according to his requirements.

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