Buying land: the key points

The choice of land to buy is an important real estate operation and it must be surrounded by all the necessary precautions.

Act thoughtfully

An obvious thing to point out at first glance is that you should never make this kind of purchase impulsively or on a whim or a whim. A good ground may turn out in the future not to be a good ground. Above all, you have to be aware that what exists under the ground and around it is as important as the ground itself.

The type of land

Indeed, it is necessary to determine if the land is an individual plot or a subdivision of land, to find out supporting documents on the nature of the soil, to find out from real estate professionals about the town planning rules in force in the region and applicable to the locality where the land is located, find out exactly about all the formalities to be undertaken to finalize the deed of purchase and the exact costs to be borne by you as a result…etc.

What do you expect from the purchase of this land?

However, we must first start by asking the question if the project in question meets my expectations.

We can easily answer this question by projecting ourselves into the future. What means of transport are available for my own trips and those of my current and future family members, where are the schools and health establishments, where is the city center and the administrations, how to get to the business center closest and how many miles away is the most interesting leisure center.

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Then it is necessary to determine with the help of professionals if the land is isolated or in a subdivision. While the isolated land is sold by an individual directly or through an intermediary who may not be aware of all the details relating to the technical and legal characteristics of the land, the land in a subdivision is surrounded by more guarantees as to the necessary information and available and as to the permits to be obtained for the regularity of the construction.

In addition, we must not forget in the case of isolated land the possible risks of additional cost of connection to the public electricity, gas and sanitation networks.

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What does the law say?

It is then necessary to find out about the legal rules to be respected at the time of construction. Indeed, the land in question may be protected or subject to local architectural or environmental requirements. In this case you will have to respect them. This information is available at the town hall or at the departmental management of the equipment to which your land refers.

Another thing to check carefully is the topology of the land such as its orientation in relation to the sun and the wind. Indeed, the exposure of the construction largely influences the energy management of the dwelling and can either make it possible to realize savings or cause a waste of money.

It is also necessary to check whether the plan of your future construction fits perfectly with the area of ​​the land in question, taking into account all the architectural and servicing requirements.

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Another thing never to be taken lightly because it can turn into a nightmare is GSM, 4G, and ADSL coverage. Poor coverage can be hard to bear.

Finally, inform yourself very carefully about the taxes to be paid such as housing tax and property tax because their amount varies from one municipality to another.

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