Electric scooter insurance: what you need to know

The question of taking out insurance for an electric scooter is sometimes the subject of debate among users of these small machines. Many are still wondering about the compulsory nature or not of such coverage. Our experts have looked into the matter and answer you in this article.

Electric scooter insurance: What the law says ?

Electric scooters are taking up more and more space on the electric micro-mobility market in France. For information, between 2020 and 2021, the number of units sold increased from 640,000 to 908,000, an increase of 42%.

These data from the Federation of Micro Mobility Professionals FP2M reflect the growing interest in this type of equipment which is classified, according to its characteristics, in the category of New Individual Electric Vehicles (NVEI) or in that of Motorized Personal Transport Vehicles (EDPM).

In either case, the main thing is that these are ground motor vehicles. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of thearticle L211-1 of the Insurance Code, insurance for electric scooters is compulsory before these machines are put into circulation.

As is the case for car insurance, this coverage must include at least a driver’s liability guarantee.

Specificities of insurance for electric scooters

Depending on whether it is classified as NVEI or more broadly as EDPM, certain legal specificities must be taken into account for the insurance of an electric scooter.

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Insurance contracts for Personal Motorized Transport Vehicles EDPM

The growth of the Personal Motorized Mobility Devices market goes hand in hand with the evolution of its regulations, which faces many challenges. However, the protection of citizens and users of electric scooters themselves, remains the priority.

As mentioned above, owners of EPDMs must at least take out liability insurance. Therefore, if you want borrow self-service Where to rent out an electric scooter, make sure that this cover is included in the service.

In addition, many insurers offer, in addition to civil liability cover, specific insurance contracts for EDPM. The latter take into account the specificities of this type of gear and are therefore more appropriate.

Insurance for New Personal Electric Vehicles NVEI

The Maximum speed of NIEVs is set at 25 km/h. Beyond that, they are simply not allowed to circulate. This category notably includes, in addition to electric scooters, the:

  • Longboards;
  • Ultralight electric scooters;
  • Hoverboards;
  • Segways or segways;
  • electric skateboards;
  • Monowheels or gyrowheels.

The insurance conditions for these machines are detailed in the decree n°2019-1082 of October 23, 2019. The latter makes insurance for electric scooters compulsory and imposes specific regulations, particularly in terms of equipment.

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Electric Scooter Insurance

What are the risks in the absence of insurance for an electric scooter?

Owners of electric scooters who have not taken out any valid insurance are exposed to various legal and financial sanctions. In the event of an inspection, a lack of insurance can be penalized by:

  • A penalty of day-fine;
  • A ban on driving certain motorized land vehicles;
  • A fine of up to 3,750 euros;
  • A sentence of community service;
  • Confiscation of the electric scooter.
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In the event of an accident or claim with the machine, the lack of insurance obliges the owner to fully compensate the victims by his own means. If the driver’s liability is involved, the damages to be paid may reach are very highwith sometimes disastrous consequences.

Is electric scooter insurance included in the home insurance contract?

Some home insurance contracts include liability coverage for the electric scooters of the owners of the insured property. However, this is not a systematic provision. Consult your insurance policy to be fixed.

Moreover, even when this is the case, taking out dedicated insurance remains the most recommended option in order to effectively cover the driver of an electric scooter.

What are the insurance options for electric scooters?

The civil liability guarantee which is imperatively included in any insurance contract for electric scooters covers the owner against damage caused to third parties. It therefore does not take into account the damage suffered by the driver and the motorcycle. In addition, it does not provide compensation for other common losses, such as theft, assault, natural disasters and others.

For more adequate coverage, insurers therefore offer special formulas for this type of gear. These include various essential guarantees covering common risks.

Compare prices to ensure your cheap electric scooter

Even for equivalent levels of coverage, the prices for electric scooter insurance can vary a lot from one insurer to another. So do not hesitate to request multiple quotes and compare them.

For a faster and more efficient search, consider using a online comparator. You will be able to access, in a few seconds, the offers of several insurers and compare them to make the best choice before subscribing.

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