What is home insurance?

No one is immune to disasters that can occur in the house, whether large or small. It is in these situations that the home insurance contract comes in, the latter’s role is to protect the value of your home and your belongings. However, it should be noted that this contract can never encompass all of your assets.

Principles of home insurance

Home insurance offers you the guarantee under an annual contract, to ensure the protection of your home, as well as its contents. The latter will refund all or part of the value of the property, in the event that the latter presents damage or is subject to degradation.

Your insurer will thus play an important role in terms of taking charge of your property and both your liability and that of your family circle, in some cases, your pets at the same time, if they are at home. origin of minor damage caused to your neighbour, for example.

Attention : If the insured himself carries out acts of degradation and this, in a deliberate manner, the insurance company will be obliged to notify the authorities concerned and no compensation procedure will therefore take place.

Is home insurance compulsory?

All tenants are required to take out home insurance, regardless of the type of accommodation they occupy. The owner is, in this way, rid of all responsibility, in the event that an undesirable event were to occur within the accommodation, which he makes available to the tenant.

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With the exception of tenants of furnished or functional accommodation, the latter, like the owners, are free from any obligation to resort to such insurance. If the law does not oblige these individuals to take out home insurance, they will have to fully assume their choice not to insure their assets, in the event that a disaster were to occur.

Attention : As mentioned before, the law does not always require you to take out home insurance, however, it provides for a minimum of risks that it is considered necessary to cover, when a contract is nevertheless taken out. Burglary is, unfortunately, not part of these obligations. In other words, your insurer is therefore absolutely not required to insure you against theft, take care to inform him of your desire to include this detail in your contract before concluding it.

What is covered by home insurance?

Compensation is provided for by the insurance contract in the event that part of the insured assets, or all of them, were to suffer damage, following the occurrence of one of the following events:

  • Fire and explosion
  • Theft, burglary or vandalism
  • Flood and water damage
  • Broken glass
  • Storms
  • Natural disasters
  • Public liability.

If you want to insure all of your assets, the basic guarantees will probably not be enough for you. Take the time to discuss with your insurer the possibility of using additional guarantees, in order to protect as much property as possible. For example, jewellery, gems and works of art are generally not included in ordinary contracts.

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