How to insure when you have a penalty?

The bonus-malus system plays an essential role in the calculation of car insurance contributions. If he causes one or more responsible accidents, or commits certain offences, the driver will be penalized by the allocation of a penalty, the rate of which is proportional to the number and nature of the responsible claims in which he is involved. Sometimes the insurer can even cancel his contract. However, there are solutions allowing so-called « malussed » motorists to take out insurance for their vehicle.

Mandatory insurance anyway

car insurance remains mandatoryat least in the form of minimum guarantee of civil liability, for all drivers. Also, drivers who are victims of a malus, or even terminated by their insurer, must be able to take out insurance.

It is for this purpose that the Bureau Central de Tarifification, or BCT, was created. A malussé or terminated driver who has suffered at least two refusals from the insurance companies can contact this organization. It is necessary that these negative responses have been notified to you in writing. A lack of response can also be considered as a negative response. You have to somehow prove that the insurers have indeed refused to cover the driver concerned.

For that, he must wait 15 days, from the second negative response. The driver concerned must send his request to the BCT by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You must attach certain supporting documents. Your letter must in particular contain a copy of the negative letters sent by the insurers and of the cancellation letter from your previous insurance company.

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The BCT must also find, in your letter, a copy of the insurance proposal form that the driver must send to the insurer. If you have contacted a broker to find new insurance, the BCT must also be informed of this, by means of specific documents.

Seized of the request, the BCT turns to the insurer selected by the driver and takes the necessary steps to have his insurance request accepted. However, he will not be able to force the company requested to insure you beyond the civil liability guarantee, also called third-party insurance. It is therefore quite clear that it is not up to the BCT to designate an insurance company. It is the driver who must make this choice.

You should also remember that it is up to the Bureau to establish the amount of the insurance premium that will be applied to you. It is likely to be higher than the average premium level.

It should also be remembered that the insurance contract obtained through the Central Pricing Office will only be valid for one year.

Specialized insurance

Another solution to find an insurance adapted to your situation of malussé driver is to change company. However, do not believe that this simple step is enough to get you out of trouble.

Indeed, your penalty, together with its coefficient, will be indicated in the documents that the new insurer will ask you. In other words, this penalty follows you from one company to another. However, there are companies that have made a specialty of insuring drivers who are victims of a penalty or termination.

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These companies, especially present online, are indeed aware of the difficulties encountered by malussed or terminated drivers. This is why they have designed formulas that are reserved for them.

To find the one that best meets your expectations, it is best to look for your car insurance online. This approach actually involves many advantages. Once connected, you have access to free comparators.

They offer you a summary table of the main offers. At a glance, you can identify the formulas best suited to your situation. In other words, those which, despite the penalty or termination that hit you, offer you extended guarantees for reasonable prices. This does not mean, however, that these rates can be, because of the penalty, completely comparable to those offered to a driver benefiting from a bonus.

Despite everything, the rates charged by these companies are all the more attractive as online insurers have to deal with lower operating costs. This solution saves you valuable time. You can even subscribe to your contract without delay.

Another particularity of these online contracts is to adapt to each situation. Indeed, drivers are inflicted with a penalty for a wide variety of reasons. The coefficient applied, in such a situation, will be higher or lower. Online insurance will therefore develop formulas for these malussed drivers, each taking into account their specific profile.

It is also thanks to this flexibility and this very fine adaptation to each situation that the rates offered by specialized online insurance can remain so affordable.

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