How much does young driver insurance cost?

Once the driver’s license has been obtained, the young driver can’t wait to buy a car and insure it. But how much does young driver insurance cost? What are the rates observed in terms of car insurance for novices? Also follow our advice to pay less for your insurance as a young motorist.

What is young driver insurance?

First, be aware that the term « young driver » does not necessarily apply to a young person. This concept remains completely subjective because it has no status in the Highway Code or in the Insurance Code.

But in fact, insurers consider that motorists who have had a driving license for less than 3 years, and therefore have little experience, are young drivers. In addition, the companies offer them specific insurance, adapted to their road profile.

However, for completeness, you should know that other people can be considered as young drivers:

  • those who have never driven a vehicle insured in their name;
  • those who have only driven company vehicles without being named driver on the insurance contract;
  • and motorists who have retaken the theoretical and practical tests after the cancellation of their driving licence.

Also note that some insurers refuse novice drivers, especially when they are driving powerful engines. And companies set conditions to agree to insure a novice motorist. For example, Aviva only takes young permits whose parents are already customers. This is also the case for Groupama and the Banque Populaire. As for Amaguiz, only drivers over 23 who have already been insured for three years are accepted.

Finally, insurers apply an additional premium to insure young drivers. This can go up to 100% of the basic contribution, before decreasing over time (except road accidents). To claim it, the driver must insure his own vehicle or the parents must add their child to the insurance contract for their car.

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Young driver: what do the regulations say?

Before looking at the price of young driver insurance, it is important to know the obligations of a young driver.

First, know that they are subject to the same obligations as other drivers. As such, they must take out car insurance in order to be covered in the event of a road accident.

But beyond car insurance, young drivers must comply with certain rules:

  • for a period of 3 years (probationary period), they have a license with six points instead of twelve. If the young driver has committed no offence, the capital is increased to twelve points after 3 years of driving;
  • on the other hand, if the young driver commits an offense during the probationary period, his license may be invalidated with loss of all the points;
  • on the other hand, the young driver must respect speed limits: 110 km/h on the motorway, 100 km/h on two-lane roads separated by a median strip and 80 km/h on two-way roads without separator;
  • finally, the young driver is recognized by disc A. This approved sticker must be affixed to the rear window of the vehicle for the duration of the probationary period.

Does young driver insurance cost more?

This is well known in the insurance industry. As a young driver, you will pay more for your car insurance than an experienced driver. Indeed, the companies believe that you are more at risk of having an accident because of your lack of experience.

However, there are tricks to lower the note. You can opt for a less expensive formula by choosing third-party insurance. This solution is advantageous if you buy a used car that costs little. But be aware that in the event of a responsible accident, the insurance will not cover material damage and bodily injury that you may cause to third parties. Your own damages would not be covered, and the same if the responsible third party is not identified.

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On the other hand, there is car insurance per kilometer. This is a good plan to pay less, but on condition that you drive little on a daily basis.

Finally, be aware that to pay less, the most common trick is to be declared a secondary driver on your parents’ car contract. But beware, this solution only prevails if the young driver only uses his father’s or mother’s car occasionally, and not as the main driver.

How much does young driver insurance cost?

First, you should know that the price of young driver insurance varies according to several criteria and in particular the vehicle (new, used or leasingfiscal power, make, model, etc. as well as your region of residence.

However, we can give you some averages. Thus, a young license who wants to insure his second-hand car third party (a Renault Clio 3, for example) will have to count between 200 and 270 euros per month. This is a range because the price varies according to the city of domiciliation. And if the car is new, the young license will have to pay between 500 and 650 euros approximately, more than double.

Then, to choose your insurer, take the time to compare existing offers. On the Internet, you will easily find online comparators of car insurance for young drivers. They are regularly updated.

If you have won the precious sesame and plan to buy a car to start your career, think carefully about the price of car insurance. Do your math before rushing to a car dealership or the classifieds.

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Should you insure your car without having a license?

Some, in a hurry to get behind the wheel, buy a car without having passed the driving test. In this case, you must still insure your car without having the license. The law is clear on this.

Even if it stays in the garage, a non-driving vehicle must be insured (article L.221-1 of the Insurance Code).

And motorcycle insurance, how much does it cost ?

After having mentioned the case of car insurance, let’s now look at the motorcycle. It is essential to take out good motorcycle insurance to have the best compensation in the event of a claim. But how much can insurance cost for a 2-wheeler when you are a young driver?

As a reminder, just like for a car, a beginner motorcycle driver is considered a young driver for a period of 3 years. Insurance companies agree to insure young pilots and offer increasingly attractive guarantees. This is the case for example of April, which in addition to the usual guarantees, will offer legal protection and assistance in the event of an accident, a % reimbursement for all accessories and many other interesting options.

It is difficult to give a price range for motorcycle insurance because the amount of the contribution will vary according to the profile of the insured, the type of motorcycle, the value of the motorcycle, the engine capacity and driving habits. Nevertheless, it is important to specify that all insurers will apply an additional premium for a young driver. The first year, it is generally 100% then it will decrease from year to year (50% the second year, 25% the third year).

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