Tips for lowering the price of your health insurance

Mutual health insurance is compulsory in France for several categories of people such as students and employees. If it offers interesting services in terms of medical coverage, the maintenance of a mutual health insurance can be particularly expensive. This can be explained in particular by an increase in the tariffs proposed by the mutuals in the grip of the various crises. Fortunately, the high cost of your mutual is not fixed. Indeed, you can apply the advice offered by our experts to reduce its cost and limit, to a certain extent, this fixed and compulsory expense which is deducted each month from your income.

Choose your guarantees carefully

The mutual health insurance offers various guarantees at different rates. When subscribing to the contract, you are free to define the guarantees that you will benefit from. The extent of these guarantees will depend on the amount of your contributions. Thus, you can juggle this option to limit your expenses related to your mutual health insurance. You could not do without basic guarantees such as the additional reimbursement of medication or a hearing aid or even coverage of hospitalization costs.

On the other hand, you could limit or even do without other guarantees which can however be very expensive. This is the case, for example, of top-of-the-range optical coverage accompanied by an annual renewal, whereas you only replace your glasses every two years.

You can also lower the coverage rate on certain items to limit your contributions. Lower reimbursement rates require lower contributions. You could apply this reduction in the reimbursement rate to less important items.

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You should know that a mutual health insurance is a flexible contract. Thus, you can modify it throughout its validity. It is therefore possible to change it according to your state of health and your needs.

Lower Price Mutuelle Sante Avis

Compare the different offers available

Despite the significant decline in French mutual health insurance in recent decades, the offer remains quite wide. Insurance companies, organizations specializing in social welfare and professionals in complementary health insurance therefore offer numerous offers tailored to different statuses and for individuals of all ages. To find the best offers, avoid falling back on the first one that passes your eyes. Take the time to compare the different mutuals and their prices.

You might even take advantage of some promotional offers available during times like New Years or back to school. These are good opportunities to save money on expenses related to your health insurance. Do not hesitate to use the comparators on the Internet to evaluate more easily and more quickly all the offers available on the market. You can find attractive investments for your retirement in this article.

Lower Price Mutuelle Sante Conseils

Take advantage of state aid

In France, there is an aid scheme granted to certain people in the opening of mutual health insurance. The main assistance was born from the merger of the ACS (Aid to complementary health) and the CMU-C. It is intended for low-income households and results in the partial or total payment of mutual health insurance contributions. This aid is granted according to income ceilings. Its amount is calculated according to the beneficiary’s age. Thus, if you wish to reduce the cost of your mutual insurance, you can assess your eligibility for this aid specially dedicated to this item of expenditure. If you are eligible, you could follow the steps online to take advantage of it.

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