What does auto insurance cover?

Insurers offer civil liability for automobile insurance as the first level, before all-risk insurance. In the event of a claim, this guarantee, also called third-party car insurance, can be of great help. Moreover, it is compulsory.

In the event of a roadside check, if you have not at least subscribed to this contract, you risk penalties (fines, suspension of your driving licence, etc.). What does auto insurance cover? What are the other guarantees for optimal protection when an accident occurs? Follow the guide on this very important insurance.

What is auto insurance liability?

In car insurance, civil liability (RC) or third-party car insurance is one of the coverages offered by insurers to cover certain claims. It’s about first level of protection available and the minimum insurance accessiblelong before the all-risk guarantee.

To protect themselves against road accidents, drivers can take out other guarantees that are more effective than civil liability. Generally, motorists choose this contract when the car is old and they make short trips.

Is the civil liability of automobile insurance compulsory?

The civil liability guarantee is included in any automobile insurance contract since the law of 1958 (article L211-1 of the Insurance Code and article L324-1 of the Highway Code). In addition, this is the only mandatory guarantee of your contract.

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Moreover, the use of a vehicle without subscription to civil liability represents an offense (article L324-2 of the Highway Code). If you drive without insurance, in the event of a police check, you risk a fine of 750 euros as well as a suspension of your driving license for a maximum of 5 years. Your vehicle may also be subject to confiscation.

Therefore, you must be able to justify your civil liability (RC) coverage in the event of a police check. On the day you take out your contract, your insurer must give you an insurance certificate (green card) as well as your insurance certificate. The green card badge is then to be affixed to the windshield. Whether for your travels in the territory of residence or abroad, keep it.

What does auto insurance cover?

Civil liability covers bodily injury and material damage that you may cause to a third party in the event of an automobile accident in which your liability is incurred. And this, regardless of the severity of the accident.

The civil liability guarantee covers:

  • drivers of other vehicles;
  • passengers in other vehicles as well as your own;
  • other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, etc.;
  • the owners of any damaged property.

Please note: if you lend your vehicle to a third party, they will also be covered by your civil liability for any damage they may cause.

Limits of auto insurance liability coverage

Auto insurance liability has its limits. This is a legal minimum insurance. As a result, it is the least protective in the event of a claim by not covering all bodily injury or property damage you may suffer. In other words, your civil liability guarantee does not cover you or your vehicle in the event of an accident.

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On the other hand, the civil liability of motor insurance remains subject to exclusions of guarantee in the following cases:

  • driving without a driver’s license;
  • driving on a circuit;
  • intentional damage;
  • transportation of hazardous materials.

In all these situations, compensation for damages will be yours.

How to be better covered in the event of an automobile accident?

Simple civil liability coverage (or third-party insurance) turns out to be very limited since it corresponds to the cheapest formula offered by insurance companies.

If you want to benefit from better protection in the event of a problem with your vehicle, it is preferable to take out guarantees against theft, fire or bodily injury and material damage being inflicted upon you. These are optional guarantees but important to be well covered.

To choose the offer that best suits you, select the options to add to your contract by estimating your needs (car model, vehicle value, etc.). It is advisable to obtain several quotes from different insurers in order to choose the formula best suited to your insured profile. The objective is then to find the best compromise between quality and price. On the Internet, you will find free online comparators to save you time.

All-risk insurance represents the most complete insurance because it takes into account civil liability guarantees and those against theft, vandalism and fire. Without forgetting the personal guarantee of the driver which makes it possible to indemnify the latter in addition to third parties for a claim where his responsibility would be engaged.

Liability for car rental

And what about the civil liability guarantee in the context of a car rental? Note that the prices displayed always take this coverage into account. In fact, she is automatically included because legally required.

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On the other hand, note that the deductible, which represents a part of the compensation remaining at the expense of the insured, can be very high for a relatively short period of time. The amount of repairs remaining at your expense will then be significant.

When signing the car rental contract, read the general conditions carefully in order to know all the terms. The abolition of the deductible is possibly possible via a significant increase in the rental or by paying more for the “super” version of the guarantees.

There are additional options for maximum protection of the rental car and its driver:

  • comprehensive insurance;
  • third-party collision coverage;
  • theft, burglary and vandalism cover;
  • the driver’s personal guarantee.

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