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Among the French banks, there is Société Générale. It offers insurance in case of loss or theft of your belongings. But what is the Société Générale Quietis guarantee really worth? What does it cover? And what are the exclusions? Also follow the procedure to cancel the insurance or contact Société Générale.

Presentation of the general society

Société Générale is one of the best performing French banks on the global market. It is a universal banking structure with retail banking, online banking, corporate and investment banking, and specialized financial services.

On the other hand, Société Générale has three networks in terms of retail banking. They cover all customer needs. Société Générale then appears as the largest network.

On the other hand, the bank uses a multi-channel system, ie it allows both physical contact (counter) and remote solutions (internet, telephone).

Introducing Quietis Insurance

Like all insurance, Quietis from Société Générale allows the subscriber to be compensated when he encounters a situation that has caused damage.

With Quietis insurance, the subscriber will be compensated in the event of loss or theft of his property. Note: the compensation depends on the conditions established in the contract taken out.

The guarantees offered

First, it is important to distinguish between the three Quietis insurance formulas offered by Société Générale:

  • the simple formula is dedicated to individuals for daily use;
  • Quietis Pro is an offer for professionals (business or independent):
  • Quietis Association is an offer dependent on the status of the organization.
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With regard to the guarantees covered by Quietis (simple formula for individuals), they cover:

  • the protection of means of payment. They insure pecuniary losses when your means of payment are stolen or used fraudulently, as well as the reimbursement of your metal or banknotes withdrawn at counters or ATMs;
  • mobile phone insurance. The warranty reimburses you for the purchase value of your replacement device in the event of theft or damage to your mobile phone. Note: its value must not be greater than the initial device and the amount of reimbursement is capped at 300 euros for new equipment and 150 euros for second-hand equipment;
  • contingency cover covers the loss or theft of your papers or safe keys.


In some cases, Société Générale’s Quietis insurance will not compensate:

  • if you or one of your relatives are responsible or responsible for the claim, or if it occurs as a result of negligence or oversight;
  • if the instructions for claiming compensation prove to be incomplete;
  • losses of electronic money are not taken into account;
  • damage and breakdowns suffered by the device (laptop, tablet) are linked to improper use (adjustment problem, non-compliance with instructions, etc.).

Please note: this is a non-exhaustive list of exclusions. To consult in detail all the situations not taken into account by the Quietis insurance, refer to the general conditions for the subscription.

How to contact them?

To contact Société Générale for Quietis insurance, you can send your letter to the Europ Assistance Customer Feedback department:

Europe Assistance

Customer Feedback Service

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1 Promenade de la Bonnette

92633 Gennevilliers Cedex

How to cancel?

You can cancel your Quietis insurance by sending your request by registered letter to the agency where the direct debit is made.

Note: in some cases, part of the debited contribution will be refunded to you, except in the case of a termination for unpaid.

On the other hand, in case of dissatisfaction with the insurance services, you can use the free service of a mediator. Send your request to the following address:

Insurance Mediation

TSA 50110

75441 Paris Cedex 09

How to connect to your Quietis professional insurance account?

All those who subscribe to Quietis professional insurance can consult their account online and carry out transactions without having to travel. They can also:

  • Follow the progress of their case
  • Send documents corresponding to a claim
  • Consult the reimbursements made by their insurer.

All they have to do is create an account. Those who already have a Quietis account will only need to log in.

Here is the procedure to follow if you want to connect to your Quietis account:

  1. Go to the official Quietis website
  2. Click on the « LOG IN » section (It is located at the top right of the page.)
  3. Enter your customer code then your password (the same ones that were provided to you when creating your account)
  4. Click on “VALIDATE” and log in.

Quietis is a practical solution that saves the lives of many subscribers. It’s a product that allows businesses that can’t travel to do their business online and save time. Subscribers can access their accounts wherever they are.

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Keeping track of your professional indemnity insurance account has never been easier.

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