10 points to check before renting an apartment

Faced with insufficient funds, many people swap their idea of ​​buying premises for professional or private use for a desire to rent. Whether it is land, parking, a garage or just accommodation, certain essential criteria must always be taken into consideration. To avoid falling into the traps of renting, here are 10 points to check before embarking on the adventure:

The pre-project

If you have a rental project, it’s good to think about it. But, have you planned everything to get there? Indeed, you have to ask yourself the right questions before you even embark on any research. This way, you will save a lot more time and you will be able to target your local more easily. You should also try to prepare some decisive questions that you can ask landlords without traveling.

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The location

If you have a city in mind and a district in particular, your search will be much more limited and you will be sure to find what you are looking for more quickly and the environment that suits you. But, if you have no idea of ​​the location, choose a place close to all living amenities such as public transport or shops. Also try to ask about noise pollution!

The early visit

If you have decided on a particular accommodation, try to visit the premises early, especially at the end of the day. You will thus be able to change the noises that are brewing in the neighborhood, but also the possibility of parking at the bottom of the building when you come back from work.

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The luminosity

When you make a visit, it will be necessary above all to ensure the luminosity of the room, as well as its exposure to the sun. An east-west orientation will give you less sun exposure, unlike those facing south. We must not forget that the sun plays an important role in morale.


Humidity can kill your interior, you have to be careful about it. During your visit, pay attention to the smell of humidity, this is the first telltale sign. Thoroughly check ceilings and wall recesses for mold. Proper ventilation should be placed in the bathroom.


Basic equipment should be checked one by one. Moreover, do not hesitate to check the location of the electrical outlets, to test the light to identify burnt out bulbs and even to ensure that the electricity complies with the standards in force. Try to control the faucets in the house, especially those in the bathroom and kitchen. Take the time to check the arrival of hot water and also for any leaks. If the accommodation is equipped with a cooker, check the gas supply and its proper functioning. If not, ask for a replacement before taking the keys.


Ask all possible questions about how the heater works. Moreover, it is also necessary to check the energy balance of the accommodation, so as not to end up paying colossal sums at the end of the month. Generally, heating costs are included in the rent.

The tax

As a tenant, you will be responsible for paying a housing tax. This depends on your income and also on the number of people in your household. Do not hesitate to ask the current tenant or the owner the rate of this one, in order to estimate the one which will be affixed to you. The household waste tax can also be among the taxes to be paid, it is necessary to inquire about it.

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Your complete file

Prepare your complete file, so when you find your rare pearl, you will be ready not to let it slip from your fingers. These are a few documents to put aside once you are set on a particular accommodation. The owner-lessor will be able to ask you for an identity document, a bank details, your last 3 payslips, a work certificate, your last tax notice and a guarantee. If you are a student, he will ask you for an additional guarantor.

No advance

If you are asked for a sum of money to find you the accommodation of your dreams, do not advance any sum, it is certainly a scam. Without a prior visit, do not conclude any rental contract.

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