6 tips for a successful new home purchase

You have decided to invest in a new home. Before embarking on this acquisition, it is important to prepare your project well. What precautions should be taken and information should be gathered before making your choice of accommodation? These tips will help you make an informed decision.

Define the necessary budget

Your first care is to determine the budget you want to devote to the acquisition of a new home. For this, it is necessary to know the average price of new on the real estate market first, in your region or your city then.

The price of your apartment, or your house, will also depend on where the property is located. In this regard, sites such as Visite Online offer you a selection of new-build real estate programs that may interest you.

Your budget will also depend on the surface area of ​​the accommodation and the presence, or not, of a balcony or a garden, for example. It is also easier to define a budget for a new home, insofar as we know in advance that refreshment or renovation work will not be necessary.

Securing funding

Your budget defined, it remains to collect the sum necessary for the acquisition of your new home. If possible, you can finance it in part by a personal contribution. In most cases, however, it will have to be supplemented by a mortgage.

At this stage, it is important to put the offers of the various lenders in competition, so as to find the most advantageous for you. To make this process easier, it is possible to use the services of a broker. A seasoned professional, he negotiates a mortgage for you that gives you the benefit of an attractive rate and advantageous borrower insurance.

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Under certain conditions, including resources, you may be entitled to a zero-rate loan. This credit can allow you to finance, without interest and without additional costs, up to 40% of the sums necessary for the acquisition of your home.

Checks to do beforehand

Financing assured, it is now necessary to go to the place where your home is to be built. Check that the place suits you and that it has all the necessary amenities. Make sure it is well connected or the school is not too far away.

As for the housing plans, they must meet your expectations. In addition, consultation of certain urban planning documents, such as site or site plans, allow you to visualize the entire real estate project. This way you get a clearer idea.

Other documents, available at the town hall, also provide information on the projects planned in the district. Some, by the noise pollution they suppose, can perhaps dissuade you from reserving your accommodation. Similarly, if the height of future buildings, built in front of your home, were to limit its sunshine, perhaps you would also change your mind.

Choose a trusted promoter

Before you book and buy your new home, you should also make sure you’re dealing with a reliable developer. You naturally worry about seeing the real estate program in question follow its course and be completed on time. You also want your apartment to be built according to the rules of the trade.

It is possible to check online, on official sites, the identity and address of the promoter. Information on its financial strength is also available. In addition, it is important to check the guarantees given by the promoter for the completion of the construction. Very often, surety organizations act as guarantors, in the event of default by the promoter, of the financing of the project until its completion.

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Finally, you can also collect, online in particular, opinions from the promoter’s previous clients.

Pay attention to the booking contract

As, for the moment, your accommodation remains in a virtual state, it is through this reservation contract that the promoter reserves the future property for you. It should therefore be read carefully, as it includes essential elements.

In particular, it includes a precise description of the future accommodation. This is the time to include, if possible, additional equipment. After, it will be too late. Check that the configuration of the apartment corresponds to the plans and that the materials used are those that were planned.

The contract also specifies the sale price and the procedure for paying for the accommodation, from the payment of the security deposit to the payment of the total amount, upon delivery of the property.

Other mentions, such as the date of completion of the work, are also important. So read this precious document rather twice than once.

The reception of the accommodation

The housing is finally finished and delivered. Now is the time to be extra vigilant. You have one month to identify any defects in the accommodation and report them to the promoter.

The latter must, on this occasion, give you various documents describing the accommodation. Also bring the plans and the technical manual. With these documents in hand, go through the apartment with a fine-toothed comb, checking that everything is as planned. Also try to spot any anomalies.

If you detect defects, the developer must have the repairs carried out within one year of your entry into the premises. It is also possible to obtain compensation and settle the problem amicably, especially in the case of minor anomalies.

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