5 good reasons to hire a home builder

After careful consideration, you have decided to build your house. If you don’t have a particular taste or skill for site supervision, call on a builder of individual houses. Using this professional has many advantages..

A protective contract for the client

The law of December 19, 1990 regulates in a very precise way the drafting of the contract of construction of the house. Signed with the manufacturer, this contract includes mandatory information, which are as many guarantees for you.

It tells you how quickly the house will be built and sets the date of its delivery. The contract also contains the detailed description of the project, with the presentation of the plans of the future house and the indication of the materials used. The mode of heating and the conditions of insulation of the house are also specified.

It also specifies the exact price of the house, the terms of payment and the penalties provided for in the event of a delay in the construction site.

Specific guarantees

If you call on a builder of individual houses, you benefit from warranties that protect you from many hazards.

Firstly, problems and poor workmanship noted at the time of acceptance of the work, or in the following year, are covered by the guarantee of perfect completion.

For its part, the biennial guarantee runs for two years following the delivery of the house. It requires the manufacturer to repair or replace equipment, such as interior doors or electrical appliances, that do not work.

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As for the ten-year guarantee, it covers, over a period of ten years, damage that may affect the solidity of the house or make it unfit for its intended purpose.

Finally, the houses offered by the builders comply with current environmental standards.

A single interlocutor

As the main contractor, the single-family home builder is responsible for coordinating the entire construction site of your home.

If you want information, you won’t have to ask each of the craftsmen busy building your future home.

All useful information will be given to you by the manufacturer, who will become your sole contact. With his versatile skills, he is able to monitor the smooth running of the site and keep you informed of each of its stages.

A professional present from start to finish

The builder of individual houses accompanies you throughout your project. Indeed, it intervenes from the start. He can help you find land that’s right for you.

He is also in the best position to advise you on the house that best suits your tastes and your budget. He can present you with standard plans or customize them to your liking.

Once the project has been decided, the builder stays by your side until the keys are handed over. His presence at each stage of construction and his wise advice are all reassuring elements for you.

An affordable price

Building a house represents a significant budget. In this regard, the use of a builder of individual houses has advantages.

Indeed, the estimate that he submits to you is not an estimate, it includes the exact price of your house. This protects you from unpleasant surprises and allows you to make your arrangements.

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Moreover, the intervention of a home builder entitles you to another financial advantage. Indeed, depending on the municipality of residence, you can benefit from an exemption from property tax for two years. Also, you should find out about the possibility of taking advantage of it.

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