Gas diagnosis: what is it?

When you intend to proceed with a transaction of sale or rental of real estate, you should know that you must at the same time carry out some essential diagnostics such as that of gas, internet or electricity, to ensure the conformity of the property and its safety for future occupants, especially if it is very old.

Since November 7, 2007, it has become mandatory to carry out a gas diagnosis before any real estate transaction. It is in the form of a document attesting to the reliability of the gas installations available to the property. This can just as well be a good selling point as an assurance of the conformity of the installations. How to define this diagnosis? What procedures should be followed to achieve this? All these questions and many more will be answered later.

What is a gas diagnosis?

A gas diagnosis is a procedure for checking the gas installations of a property that is 15 years old or more. Before each real estate transaction, sale, rental or other, the person concerned, the owner in this case, must provide a complete real estate diagnosis, which proves that all gas installations are reliable and safe.

The gas diagnosis, since 2007, has become an obligation to be provided by all owners during a real estate transaction. The purpose of this is to determine the health of the gas installations and thus avoid any suspicion of possible dangers to the health of new occupants.

Gas diagnosis: everything you need to know

As for the other diagnoses, it is the Alur law which has put in place the obligation to carry out the gas diagnosis, even during a real estate rental transaction and this, since 2014. But you should know that a seller will have need three years before completing the sale of his property, because this is the minimum time he will need to carry out a gas diagnosis. Moreover, all owners are not obliged to provide it if their property is relatively recent, that is to say that it is less than 15 years old.

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The gas diagnosis, like other real estate diagnoses, makes it possible to establish the value of a property. It determines the reliability and compliance of its interior installations with the quality and safety standards in force.

For all people in a precarious situation, the state has set up a program of financial aid granted to families whose property has gas installations that do not comply with the safety standards required during the sale transaction. This aid measure will allow many destitute families to finance the work of conforming their homes in order to be able to sell them at the best price.

If an owner fails to provide the gas diagnosis during a sale transaction, he will, sooner or later, be caught by penalties which will oblige him to bear the costs of bringing these gas installations into compliance.

Before renting or selling a property, it is necessary to be aware of its value, not only real estate on the market, but also safe by providing proof of the reliability of the gas installations through the gas diagnosis, among others. Moreover, it represents an essential security measure to avoid the worst for new occupants.

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