New residential real estate: a positive trend

In recent years, new residential real estate has attracted more and more buyers. Taking advantage of historically low bank interest rates and the various tax measures put in place by the legislator, many individuals, first-time buyers in mind, are naturally moving towards the acquisition of new residential property. . A choice not to be taken lightly, but which, when done wisely, allows you to enjoy many advantages.

new housing, what the law says

According to article 257 of the general tax code, a new dwelling is a property whose construction has been completed for less than 5 years, which was neither inhabited by its owner nor by a tenant during this period. Thus, as long as it meets these criteria, a dwelling is considered new, even if it has undergone renovation, rehabilitation or repair work.

New residential real estate: a booming market

A new residential property is a new dwelling intended for residential use. It can be used both as a main residence and as a secondary residence.. But it can also be a secondary source of income for its owner who can rent it out seasonally or occasionally to other individuals. Regardless of the use for which it is intended, this type of investment today attracts a large number of individuals. This trend is largely explained by the fall in bank interest rates which thus makes real estate loans ultra accessible for individuals wishing to concretize their life project. Responding effectively to this demand, many new residential real estate programs are being developed across France. Led by various experienced promoters, they offer a wide choice of new homes that meet a variety of expectations.

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The advantages of new residential real estate

Investing in new residential real estate rather than in the old allows you to take advantage of several comparative advantages:

A safe and sustainable investment

Acquiring a new residential property is a solid and durable investment. In addition to their logically longer lifespan than that of old goods, the net value of this type of property increases over the years. This makes it possible to consider a capital gain with a view to a future sale. Built in a modern style and corresponding to current trends, new residences are also more easily rented than old properties. For those who wish to build up a substantial rental income, it is therefore a natural choice.

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New real estate, a guarantee of eco-responsibility

Investing in new buildings allows you to benefit from the most recent innovations in terms of renewable energies, energy consumption and even acoustic and thermal insulation. It should be known for this purpose, that in the years to come, new homes will even produce more energy than they consume on a daily basis. VINCI Immobilier, which is one of the major players in this sector, develops and markets new homes with varied characteristics, meeting the requirements of first-time buyers, as well as other buyers and investors. All the properties offered in its new program follow the HQE (High Environmental Quality) approach and are certified by the BBC label (Low Consumption Building).

To give life to all your desires

The promoters of new residential real estate projects offer buyers the latitude to choose between many options of finishes, flooring or even fittings for a final result that is as personalized as possible.

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Residential Real Estate Acquire New

Buy new to save money

While they can go up to 8% of the purchase price of old goods, the notary fees for the purchase of a new property are only 2% to 3%. This therefore represents large comparative savings. In addition, the acquisition of a new home allows you to benefit from a exemption from property tax on housing for the first two years. Furthermore, thanks to devices provided for by the Pinel law and the Bouvard amendment, various tax advantages are offered to buyers investing in new buildings.

A serene acquisition

For each new property built on plan or purchased, buyers benefit from all the essential guarantees covering any hidden defects or construction defects. These include in particular:

  • The guarantee of perfect completion : valid for 12 months from the date of receipt of the new property, it obliges the builder to repair the lack of conformity of the accommodation;
  • The biennial guarantee : it covers malfunctions of separable equipment such as taps, boiler, openings, etc. over two years. ;
  • The ten-year guarantee : this is the most common guarantee in the field of new real estate. It obliges the promoter to repair malfunctions and poor workmanship on the inseparable elements of the property. These include cracks in the walls, leaks, faults in the pipes or the electrical network, etc.

What are the solutions to finance the purchase of a new property?

Depending on the city and depending on the context linked to the real estate program, the acquisition price of a new property is generally higher than that of an old property. However, this does not constitute a barrier, because there are several solutions which make it possible to invest in the nine, with or without contribution. These include in particular:

  • The zero rate loan;
  • The real estate loan
  • Depreciable credit;
  • Ultimate credit ;
  • The bridging loan.
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In addition, professionals working in the public or private sector can also benefit from an employer loan or a civil servant loan, as the case may be. Do not hesitate to ask your bank or financial institution to find out about the financing possibilities available to you for the acquisition of your new residential home.

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