A turnkey house: what does it include?

You want to become the owner of your house but you don’t want to manage its construction. In this case, the best solution is to sign a « turnkey » contract with a builder. You entrust him with the construction of your house. But what does this approach really cover?

What is a « turnkey » contract?

By signing your « turnkey » contract, you delegate the construction of your house to the promoter, or to the builder of individual houses. It is therefore this professional who, from the first to the last stage, is responsible for the smooth running of the site.

The builder takes care of the necessary formalities and negotiates with the companies working on the site. He undertakes to deliver the house to you within the stipulated time and to respect the set price. However, a price review clause may be included in the event of a significant extension of the site.

Throughout the construction period, the builder is your only contact. You will therefore only have one contract to sign, even if, to build the house, the presence of several companies is necessary.

What house are you moving into?

Once built, your house is ready to receive you. The purchase of a new turnkey house implies that it is equipped with the essential equipment. You will therefore have access to electricity, water and gas. In your new home, you will also find a toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen area.

In addition, you have the assurance that the house meets the standards in force. This is how a preliminary soil study made it possible to guarantee its stability and to exclude the risk of soil compaction or flooding.

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Similarly, the builder undertakes to comply with the standards governing electrical installation and which tend to limit the energy consumption of new buildings. Your home will also comply with other standards, such as those that allow access for people with reduced mobility.

Without further clarification on your part, the house delivered to you complies with standards and has the necessary equipment. But the « turnkey » contract does not provide for the completion of certain finishes.

When fitting out, you may be surprised to find that the walls, both inside and outside, are not painted, that the garden has not been landscaped or that cupboards have not been provided.

To avoid such disappointment, you can choose options, included in the contract, which allow you to complete the finishes of the house. It’s a way to personalize your home. These options may relate to the installation of partitions, the choice of coverings, the addition of electrical outlets or even the exterior layout.

Choosing these options incurs an additional cost. It will be included in the budget foreseen in the contract. Take the time necessary to select the options that seem to you to best suit your expectations.

Undeniable advantages

For many people, the purchase of a turnkey house, and its land, proves to be an advantageous solution in all respects.

Not everyone can be a DIY specialist or a construction expert. In this case, it is preferable to entrust the construction of your house to qualified professionals, who put their know-how and experience at the service of your project.

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This will save you precious time, especially if you have to juggle family life and professional activity. Once the contract is signed, you no longer have to worry about anything. It is the builder, or the promoter, who supports, at each of its stages, the realization of your project.

This does not prevent you, on the contrary, from contacting them from time to time to report on its progress. If you want to measure the progress of the construction site yourself, you can also go on site. Each time, you will be able to ask questions and seek clarification from the professionals present.

Delegating the construction of your house to professionals gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to negotiate with each of the companies working on the site. It is up to the manufacturer to coordinate their activities.

It is also to him alone that you should contact if you notice a defect or poor workmanship. In general, it is indeed the builder who assumes the risks due to the construction. From this side also you are quiet.

Moreover, this house is up to you. The choice of options allows you to adapt it to your tastes. This customization is not one of the lesser assets of the turnkey house.

Opting for such a solution is still the best way to save money. Indeed, the flat-rate formula of « turnkey » contracts, which also includes the necessary insurance and the additional cost linked to possible construction defects, often proves to be very advantageous.

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