Owner: tips for opening bed and breakfasts

Do you live in a house where several rooms are unoccupied? If you enjoy socializing with other people, consider renting out part of your large home. In short, what you need is to open bed and breakfasts to earn a lot more money.

The law and bed and breakfasts

By law, a bed and breakfast must be located in a secondary building or a main building of the owner. For this, it is the owner himself who must ensure the reception of tourists.

Indeed, it is your duty to serve breakfast to customers who ask you to rent a room. Apart from that, each room must have access to a toilet and a bathroom. These are shared by the guests of the other rooms. Note that for more than 5 rooms, that is to say 15 people at most, this is a completely different type of activity.

Prepare the project thoroughly

The first thing to do is to find out if there are shops, major transport routes and tourist activities in the region where you live. This is done to better attract tourists to stay at your guest house. Moreover, you can carry out a survey of your entourage concerning the tourist market. Thus, you can find out the number of restaurants and hotels near you.

The second thing to do is to estimate the scope of the work. The renovation of a residence to create a guest house is a heavy step, especially in terms of budget. To do this, make sure that you have planned everything in terms of the duration of the work and the financing. If possible, you can seek help from a financial institution by requesting a large sum of money. To do this, you need a legal guide.

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The third thing to do is to join a network. Indeed, you can benefit from training for the management of the bed and breakfast. Also, very useful advice will be at your disposal and you will be listed in their lists. Other than that, be aware that your business may not be profitable overnight, so it’s good to keep a little nest egg to cover your back.

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The rules for you and for your guest house

As much as possible, maintain your privacy. Sometimes the hosts tend to be a bit pushy. To do this, try to differentiate your apartment from that of the other rooms where your client is staying. So you can explain to them that it’s a private apartment.

On the other hand, you had to know how to share because opening a guest house commits you to a minimum spirit of sharing. Be aware that your living room, your kitchen and the other rooms will be invaded by your customers, it is the rule of the game. In any case, give your host a desire to come back.

As in all hospitality professions, put your emotions aside. Clients come to you to feel comfortable not to find a family scene.

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