Calcification of the shoulder: natural treatments

Sometimes painful or without symptoms, calcification of the shoulder is responsible for tendonitis. So how do you relieve the tendons in your joint? Discover all the natural solutions to treat shoulder calcification and accelerate healing. Focus on natural remedies and good actions to adopt to no longer suffer from tendonitis!

What is shoulder calcification?

The calcification of the shoulder actually corresponds to a calcification of the tendons of the shoulder. A calcium deposit in the form of calcium crystals then forms on one or more tendons. This gives rise to calcifying tendonitis.

This shoulder pain is common before the age of 40. And it especially concerns working women. Calcification of the shoulder sometimes causes pain of great intensity, chronic and recurrent. On the other hand, the attack can be bilateral.


Calcification is the cause of pain that can be sharp. When the calcification increases in volume, it can cause discomfort and pain when the shoulder is mobilized. Difficulties in performing the movements of daily life may be encountered.

However, the symptoms vary greatly from person to person. Calcification of the shoulder does not necessarily cause pain or functional limitations. Among the people suffering from calcification, the third of them would not feel any sign, neither pain, nor stiffness.

The causes

The calcification of the shoulder generally comes from an excessive solicitation of the tendons. Thus, the disease can result from unusual gestures (practice of a new sport, for example) or from the repetition of movements (eg: professional gestures, painting work at height, etc.). And calcification of the shoulder can also occur after a fall without apparent gravity.

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On the other hand, age is an aggravating factor because the older you get, the less the tendons can withstand the efforts. However, it should be noted that it is women between 25 and 50 who are most affected by this disease. And no one is safe from a calcification of a shoulder tendon. Diabetes, disorders of the thyroid gland and certain genetic characteristics are also factors associated with this pathology.

Finally, be aware that tobacco complicates tendon healing and often causes treatment failure.

Natural treatments for shoulder calcification


It is important to suspend the activity causing the calcification. Rest your shoulder. However, do not stand still. Keep moving, limiting movements that cause pain.

Be careful, do not use a sling or a splint to immobilize your shoulder because it could stiffen up.


By performing physio sessions, you mobilize, tone and stretch the joint through diversified movements. Shock wave therapy is also effective in a case of calcification.

Trust a physiotherapist and do not practice exercises alone at the risk of making a wrong move. For example, do not put your hands behind your back as this will damage the joint.

A physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation allows the maximum recovery of strength, mobility and functional abilities.

Epsom salt

This natural product is effective in case of tendonitis in the shoulder because it consists of magnesium sulfate. And this substance helps reduce pain.

Simply pour two cups of Epsom salt into a lukewarm bath. Then, immerse yourself in it for a quarter of an hour.

Olive oil

Applying a little olive oil to your shoulder helps soothe the inflammation. Massage gently, twice a day.

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To relieve pain related to calcification of the shoulder, you can use sage leaves. Rub them in the palm of your hand to crush them. Then, boil them in a cup two-thirds full of apple cider vinegar. And simmer for five minutes. Dip a cotton ball in the solution. Once wrung out, place it on the affected area for about ten minutes.

Note that you can also drink sage tea. Mix the dry leaves in water. And drink an infusion twice a day.

cider vinegar

This natural remedy is very effective in the fight against tendinitis of the shoulder. Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar in half a cup of warm water. Then dip a washcloth into the product. Wring it out and place it on the inflammation for twenty minutes.

Note that you can also drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. This natural treatment is to be taken every day until recovery.


There are essential oils that can reduce the pain of a calcified shoulder and speed healing. Among them, the HE of chamomile, those of lavender or peppermint.

Massage your shoulder carefully, ensuring that the essential oil penetrates well into the skin.


If the cold alone does not treat a calcification of the shoulder, it nevertheless helps to soothe the pain.

Apply a cold pack to the affected area by placing the ice in a clean cloth. And this, for about ten minutes. As soon as the ice causes a burn, remove it. And repeat the operation three to four times a day to relieve the pain.

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Green clay

In case of calcification with sensation of heat, redness or swelling, use a poultice of green clay. Note, however, that this solution is not the most practical for this area of ​​the body.

Buy green clay paste in pharmacies or parapharmacies. And apply it in a thick layer on the shoulder. Then cover with cling film, being careful not to overtighten. Keep the poultice on for an hour. To be renewed for five days.

Preventing the risk of calcification with diet

Diet plays an important role in preventing the risk of shoulder calcification. If possible, favor homemade cuisine based on fresh and seasonal products, especially with regard to fruits and vegetables, and fish.

On the other hand, be careful with processed products, which are generally too high in fat or sugar. And consume dairy products in moderation, which acidify the body.

Finally, on the drink side, opt for alkalizing waters, alternating with tap water or spring water.

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