Avanssur direct debit: what is it?

A direct debit caught your attention when you looked at your last account statement. What is the Avanssur Direct Debit? This name surely means nothing to you, and for good reason, it is actually linked to Direct Assurances. Find out all the possible reasons that may explain the withdrawals from your account. And to stop being debited, dispute these transactions by following the procedure. We tell you everything about how to contact Direct Assurances and stop SEPA direct debits as soon as possible.

Advance: who is this ?

Founded in 1982 in France, Avanssur is an insurance company subsidiary of AXA, which is one of the French leaders in the insurance market. Avanssur offers guarantees for cars, motorbikes, houses, mortgages, etc. But its flagship product remains car insurance. It markets its products under the name of Direct Assurance.

Avanssur direct debit from my account: the origin

On your account, you noticed an Avanssur direct debit, without knowing what it corresponded to. First of all, know that behind the wording Levy Avanssur hides the insurer Direct Assurances. It is this entity that debits your account.

Several explanations are possible:

  • your spouse has taken out insurance with Direct Assurance without notifying you;
  • you have taken out an IARD contract with Direct Assurances and you do not remember it. The subscription may have been made several months ago;
  • a scammer uses your RIB (Bank Identity Statement) to usurp your identity. In this case, contact Direct Assurances without delay to stop the deductions. And file a complaint at the gendarmerie or at the police station closest to your home.
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Contest this direct debit: how to do ?

To dispute the Avanssur direct debit, and more generally to make a complaint, you must first contact customer service on 09 70 82 82 (non-surcharged call).

If their answer does not bring you satisfaction, then contact the Consumer Service by mail. Send your detailed request to the following address: Consumer Service – Avanssur General Management – ​​48, rue Carnot – CS 50025 – 92158 Suresnes Cedex.

To know : when you contact the Consumer Service, indicate the number of your contract, the references of the letters received as well as your telephone number and your availability to be called back.

And if no amicable solution has been found, the last resort is to contact the Insurance Mediator. You can call on him for free. It is a completely independent external personality. Please note that your request will necessarily be refused if you have not followed the first two steps.

Send your mail to the following address:

Insurance Mediation

ASD 50 110

75 441 Paris Cedex 09

To be admissible, your file must be as complete as possible and therefore include:

  • the start dates for direct debits and a brief summary of the dispute between you and Direct Assurances;
  • insurance company decisions or responses;
  • the number of the insurance contract;
  • photocopy of letters exchanged with Direct Assurances.

Note: do not forget to mention the name of the insurance company with which you are in dispute, namely Direct Assurances.

Note that you can also contact the Insurance Mediator on the Internet, by filling in the dedicated online form: http://www.mediation-assurance.org/Saisir+le+mediateur

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Cancel Avanssur: how to proceed ?

To terminate an Avanssur contract, send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Direct Assurances. In your letter, ask them to terminate your insurance contract. Please note that the letter must be sent a few weeks before the end date of your P&C contract. If you do not know the end date, contact Direct Assurances customer service who will let you know.

In the event of a dispute with Direct Assurances because of the direct debit, contact the consumer service directly. And if the situation cannot be resolved amicably, contact the mediator.

On the other hand, if you wish to oppose Direct Assurances direct debits, go to your bank branch, with an identity document. Ask your adviser to object to Direct Assurances direct debits.

Free Termination Letter Template for Avanssur

Last name First Name

Full mailing address

Mobile number


Contract number n°XXX

Subject: request for termination of insurance contract no. XXX

(registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt)


By this letter, I request the termination of my insurance contract No. XXX in order to stop the withdrawals permanently.

Please accept the expression of my best regards.

Surname, First nameSignature

Sample letter to send to the Insurance Ombudsman

Last name First Name

Full mailing address

Telephone, email

Subject: dispute with the insurance company (indicate the name of the company)


On (indicate the date), I took out an insurance contract (specify the subject of the insurance) with the company (name and address of the insurer). The contract number is: (contract number).

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A dispute currently opposes me to this company because of the withdrawals made on my account. My steps with their service having not found a satisfactory outcome, I am appealing to you.

You will find attached the copy of the documents necessary for the instruction of my file (list the documents: copies of the insurance contract, letters exchanged with the customer service of the company, etc.). And I remain at your entire disposal for any request for additional information from you.

Please accept the expression of my best regards.

Surname, First nameSignature

Contact Avanssur: coordinates

There are several ways to contact Direct Assurances about Avanssur direct debits:

  • by mail by addressing your letter to the head office located at 48 rue Carnot – 92158 Suresnes;
  • by sending your letter to the department responsible for handling complaints regarding home, health and car insurance: Service Consommateurs – Direction Générale d’Avanssur – 48, rue Carnot – CS 50025 – 92158 Suresnes Cedex;
  • via the online contact form: https://www.direct-assurance.fr/nos-services/contactez-nous;
  • by phone on 01 55 92 27 20 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

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