Buying an old house: what to watch out for?

Buying a house is a life project for most of the time. If you are one of those people who like old houses because of their architecture, there is undoubtedly an offer for which you are leaning favorably. After getting the necessary information about the legal provisions of the property from the authorities, the purchase can be tempting. However, you should not rush to acquire your crush at all costs, a rigorous inspection is necessary to make a good deal.

The preliminary inspection to be reassured

The inspection that should be done if you find the house of your dreams will allow you to be reassured for your investment. Old-fashioned houses are built according to different standards which are now outdated, and some of them have been found to be harmful to health.

It should also be taken into account that a house that has survived for decades has the potential risk of presenting defects, which could prevent you from enjoying your property in complete peace of mind. Similarly there are faults that require a restoration of the house, in this case this situation strongly influences the purchase price of the house.

It is therefore essential to call on a professional, who can do a thorough pre-purchase inspection of the property you want to acquire. The diagnosis that you are going to make will allow you to have all the official documents which testify to the general condition of the house before the act of purchase, with the certainty of not being mistaken.

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The different points to inspect

The building must be checked from top to bottom to ensure its general condition. The inspector cannot guarantee that all the elements and systems of the house will be in perfect condition, but he can check everything that is accessible. This is how the interior and exterior parts of the building will be thoroughly checked:

  • the walls of the house should be inspected both inside and out to check for signs of cracks which may not be visible at a glance;
  • the roofs are to be checked to know the exact state of the frame which is reflected in the quality of the beams and rafters and the presence of parasites such as termites. This is the only way to ensure that the frame of the house is strong.
  • The floor and the ceiling in all rooms of the house;
  • Plumbing through piping and valves;
  • The electrical, ventilation and heating system.

Verification of these different points is of paramount importance before deciding on the act of purchase from the owner or the real estate agency. Once this phase is completed, other inspections are to be done to detect lead and asbestos which are present in the vast majority of old houses. Both of these pose health risks to residents and the environment, and strict measures must be taken if they are found.

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