How to build a real estate portfolio?

Regardless of your real estate project, investing in stone represents a very attractive return. To build up a real estate portfolio, adopt an effective strategy. Follow our practical tips for investing. It is quite possible to acquire a property with a restricted budget.

Buying your first property

For a first purchase, take the time to reflect. Before buying an apartment or a house, think about reselling it. It is important to plan for the long term. It is interesting to become an owner provided you are able to keep your property for at least five years. Do not mobilize all your savings in the purchase of a house. On the contrary, leave your savings on life insurance or placed in rental property. In terms of performance, it will pay off.

Rental Real Estate, buy a property to rent it

There are certain criteria to take into account to make a good rental investment. Before buying a property to rent it, take an interest in its location (location, place, nearby services). This is a determining factor in order to have a good chance of making your investment profitable. If the accommodation is well located, it will rent easily and at a good price. When the time comes, it will also be easy to sell it.

Opt for an attractive city with good economic development. If you buy new, count up to 20% extra cost compared to the old one. On the contrary, if you choose to invest in old real estate, draw up a list of the work to be done. The best strategy to adopt is to invest in a home in perfect condition or with minor renovations.

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Investing in furnished rental property

This type of investment is profitable in the long term. It allows you to receive tax-free rents for several years. Rent your property for a short period. It can be a student or hotel residence. The owner can then entrust the management of the property to an agency.

You can also choose to rent other property than housing. Invest in offices, warehouses or parking lots.

Immovable, invest with other people

By investing in a civil real estate company, you associate with relatives. This makes it possible to reduce the costs because they are shared. To reduce the risks, the trick is to buy several homes.

In the case of an SCPI, you buy shares in a property. You thus receive the profits from the rentals, which can represent a significant sum. This amount collected can be part of your financial heritage.

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