Buying a new apartment in Dijon: the top 5 neighborhoods

Historic capital of Burgundy and booming economic hub, Dijon combines the richness of a prestigious heritage with the dynamism of a modern metropolis. Taking advantage of the low level of interest rates and the provisions of the Pinel law, which allow tax reductions in terms of rental investment, investors choose certain areas of the city, which are more conducive to investment.

Invest in the neighborhoods of the North-West of the city

To the northwest of Dijon, the Victor-Hugo and Montchapet districts extend over the foothills of a hill. Bordering wide, well-planned streets, beautiful 19th century residences erect their imposing facades. The glazed tiles and the sloping roofs of certain villas bear witness, among others, to a local architectural heritage that gives value to these districts.

Many green spaces aerate these places, inhabited by a rather wealthy population. Quite close to the city center, they are always popular with investors. In addition to the advantages of this well-connected residential area, there is a price per square meter which remains within the average rates offered in the city.

Generally speaking, the Victor-Hugo and Montchapet districts are very popular and have the wind in their sails. This is why apartments such as character accommodation are easily sold there. In these districts of Dijon, real estate programs offer you new accommodation that meets your expectations.

The potential of the northern districts

The vocation of the Junot-Drapeau district, located in the north of the city, is no longer the same. The barracks, once numerous, have in fact given way to shopping centres, shops and restaurants. A renowned performance hall attracts an audience from all over Dijon. This urban renewal has literally brought the neighborhood back to life.

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Crossed by a long avenue, this district is now connected to the center and the rest of the city by tram. Alongside the bustle of the shopping streets, certain sectors, with their houses bordered by a garden and their quiet streets, have the air of a village.

This transformed district is also part of the sectors of Dijon where real estate programs are developing allowing you to acquire, under very favorable conditions, the new accommodation of your dreams. Attracting a large population, often young, the district is rich in potential for rental investment.

A notable economic center

Located not far from the Place de la République and the city center, the Clemenceau district is one of the areas of Dijon with the most advantages.

Over time, it has indeed become a real business center, bringing together companies, services and administrations. Social welfare bodies, judicial services and many educational and cultural structures have their headquarters there.

Well served by tram, this district of Dijon is distinguished by the tall towers that house its thousands of offices. One of them is known to be the most efficient building in France in terms of energy saving. Close to the center and well connected to other sectors, this district attracts part of the active population who work there.

It also hosts real estate programs that meet the specific needs of buyers and tenants.

Valmy Park

Parc Valmy, divided into several sectors, welcomes you at the northern entrance to Dijon. This new district has become an emblematic tertiary center for the whole region, as well as a real business incubator.

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In a green setting, managed in a sustainable way, thousands of offices, mutual insurance companies, medical services and banks have been established. There is also no shortage of hotels and restaurants in this privileged sector where many representatives of the liberal professions have taken up residence.

Directly connected to the motorway network, Parc Valmy is also accessible by tram. It connects the city center in less than twenty minutes.

In this dynamic area of ​​Dijon, real estate programs offer you new accommodation, located in a privileged environment, with a large employment pool and connected, by appropriate infrastructure, to the city’s key areas.

Invest in the historic center

This prestigious district remains a safe bet in terms of investment. However, he favors the purchase of old housing. Given the nature of this district of Dijon, the construction of new apartments is indeed limited there.

Despite the fairly high cost per square meter, the old center continues to attract investors. The prestigious historical heritage, with the cathedral, the palace of the Dukes of Burgundy or the Guillaume gate, counts for a lot in this interest.

But investment in new buildings also finds its place in the center of Dijon, in the heart of an eco-neighborhood which, on the edge of the old center, hosts the ambitious project of the International City of Gastronomy and Wine. Real estate programs offer new apartments in this landscaped area, which Dijon residents will be able to enjoy from 2021.

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