Can we do work while being a tenant?

You live in a home that you would like to decorate to your liking. Only, you are not the owner of the premises. In addition, you do not really know what you have the right to change or not. You are aware that certain works are reserved for your lessor. However, you should know that you have the right to redecorate your interior.

However, some criteria must be followed. In this article, we will tell you clearly what you have the right to do. And in which case you should call your landlord, so that he can intervene to repair faulty objects.

Do I have to ask for a permit to carry out the work?

According to the law, the tenant has the right to dispose of his dwelling freely, the time of the duration of its rental. However, he must give access to his home to the owner, when the latter decides to carry out work or repairs. It is important to emphasize that for certain works, the tenant is obliged to request authorization from his landlord. For example, if he wishes to carry out work which risks modifying the building. The maintenance of the accommodation is subject to your responsibility, if at the end of the rental, the accommodation is in a pitiful state. You will have to advance costs.

Small jobs

What happens when you want to make small changes? When you simply want to redecorate your living room, by changing the equipment, it is not necessary to have an authorization. According to the law of the Civil Code, tenants have the possibility of carrying out some small development work without having to receive authorization.

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Provided that these do not involve a huge change, but only small renovations within your home. Your lessor will not be able to veto it, nor will it be able to ask for the return of the premises at the end of your lease. Long story short, you don’t have to write to your landlord if you want to:

  • change wallpaper
  • make holes in the wall to hang a picture
  • do painting

Regarding the colors, it is advisable to choose those that do not affect the aesthetics of the housing in any way. Nor the use to which it is dedicated. You can also install new cupboards and modify the floor covering.

Regarding major works (site)

In return, major works are subject to authorization from your landlord. Because if you plan to completely modify a room, it is imperative to write a letter, or to send a message to the latter. If you don’t, you risk seeing the end of your rental come sooner than expected. According to the law, he will be able to ask you to redo the room identically, and you will have to finance the site with your money. You will not receive any state aid. He will thus be able to keep a renovated accommodation without giving you the slightest compensation.

What happens when you have broken a partition or removed a wall, in order to enlarge the kitchen. You live in a condominium and the construction site you imagine will affect the structure of the building. Or it may affect the common areas.

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You know what to do, ask your landlord. Moreover, il you must obtain the vote of the co-ownership. This vote takes the form of a general meeting, you must have a majority for your request to be accepted. What you must remember is to never forget to contact your landlord and ask for a letter. This little formality will keep you out of big trouble.

Female engineer modernizing and renovating motor of airplane in hangar

The negociation

In the event that the work carried out would give value to your home. You have the right to ask your landlord to participate in the financing of your renovation project. Or you can negotiate a discount on your rent. If you get a favorable response, you absolutely must sign a contract in which all the work is detailed in addition to the amount. And don’t forget to add the amount he plans to pay you at the bottom.

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