5 tips for managing the rental of your apartment on your own

It is not mandatory to use a real estate agency to rent out your property. Managing the rental of your apartment on your own is quite possible. In particular, this saves money. Here are 5 tips for making it a success.

1- Be prepared to devote time

Properly managing the rental of your apartment requires time and energy. It starts with writing the ad. It must be clear and detailed. As much information as possible must be indicated to avoid recurring questions and unnecessary calls from candidates. Preparing the rental file is an important step that should not be overlooked. Before renting, diagnostics (energy, natural risks, presence of asbestos, etc.) must be carried out. The landlord must also ensure that the accommodation can be rented and that it complies with the requirements of the various decrees.

2- Set the amount of rent and charges as accurately as possible

The rules for setting rent have evolved and become more complex. Going around real estate agencies to get an idea of ​​the market price can be useful. If the accommodation is in a non-tense area, no obligation. On the other hand, if the accommodation is located in a tense area, the price of the rent is limited. The most difficult thing is undoubtedly to assess the provision for rental charges because everything must be justified. To be as close as possible to reality, the owner can base himself on the previous regularization or on the estimated budget within the framework of a joint ownership. The provision of charges requested from the tenant can thus be fixed.

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3- Take out insurance for unpaid rent

Subscribing to an insurance for unpaid rents allows you to protect yourself against an uncooperative tenant, click here and get all the necessary information. This insurance protects the owner from non-payment or material damage on the part of the tenant. It can, for example, offer compensation or initiate legal proceedings against the bad payer. Two conditions are necessary to take out insurance for unpaid rent: the tenant must be solvent in the eyes of the insurer and the accommodation must be the tenant’s main residence.

4- Finding a tenant without an agency

The advantage of the real estate agency is that it selects the candidates according to their criteria. By managing the rental of the accommodation alone, it is the owner who must carry out this task. You have to collect the files, study them, organize the appointments, deal with candidates who do not show up… Another point: the files must be looked at with attention and vigilance because some future tenants do not hesitate to present false to get housing. Rather than asking for a bunch of supporting documents, it is better to check that everything is consistent. Requiring a guarantor is recommended and provides even more security.

5- Maintain cordial relations with the tenant

It is always more valuable to have a good relationship with your tenant. Once the lease is signed, a meeting in a neutral location can be arranged. To start on a sound basis, the owner must pay attention to the overall condition of the accommodation. A tenant will take better care of a refurbished dwelling rather than a dilapidated one. The tenant can also prepare a short guide for the tenant with all the useful numbers in the event of various problems (a plumber, an electrician, a gardener, etc.) as well as the instructions for use of household appliances or maintenance instructions. If the tenant contacts the owner to inform him of a breakdown or a major problem, the latter must provide him with an answer within 24 hours. Disagreements between landlord and tenant are never advisable.

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