Connect your home for more comfort!

It’s time to take advantage of all the advantages of connected housing! For more comfort, but also significant savings, connecting your home equipment to an application will make your life easier.

Control your electrical equipment remotely

Do you know home automation? On private for example, you can find connected solutions that help you better manage your equipment around the house. Thanks to a centralized system, you can program the heating according to predefined time slots, turn off all the lights in the house remotely, start a music playlist using your smartphone or tablet, etc. These automation solutions offer great freedom to configure the various equipment in your home according to your needs and without having to travel to manage each of them manually. It’s your home that adapts to your way of life and not the other way around!

connect housing

You’ll enjoy the convenience of precise control of all the equipment in your home. Do not waste your time closing all the shutters at night! Ask home automation to do it for you and schedule opening hours depending on the seasons. It is also a very useful solution for the elderly who find it difficult to perform certain gestures, which gives them more comfort.

Save money with home automation

By choosing to use home automation in your home, you can act on your energy consumption. From your smartphone, you consult the electricity readings and can react quickly. You receive information in real time and can easily adjust the consumption of your heating or air conditioning, because the settings are very precise. Thanks to home automation, you also benefit from a better distribution of heat or cool in your home. You determine when the heating should come on and when it should work more intensively, depending on whether or not there are people in your house or apartment.

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Did you leave for work and forgot to turn off a lamp or the oven? You can do it remotely! No more wasting energy due to equipment that works for nothing. Home automation helps you make real savings on your electricity billsbut also heating, for example you also have the option of managing the combustion of pellets in your stove.

Protect your home with home automation

If you need to secure your home, there are also smart security features. Depending on the options you choose, you have the option of protecting yourself against domestic incidents or intrusions into your home. Choose an anti-intrusion alarm, the installation of a water leak detector, a window opening detector or even a motorized lock. It is a solution that also makes it easy to secure the home of an elderly person..

You receive an alert on your smartphone when something abnormal happens. You can control and act more quickly, allowing you to go to the scene or contact a professional (put an end to a water leak, call the Samu, etc.). It is a very effective way to secure a senior with a loss of autonomy, left alone in his home. With home automation, he knows that you watch over him permanently and that you can react as soon as there is a problem!

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