5 keys to investing in the first real estate purchase, the opinion of your Worldcityexchange.com expert

There has never been a better time to invest your money in stone. If you are about to buy a first property abroad or even in France, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions so that the dream does not turn into a nightmare. Real estate investment must respect some basic principles, keys that will accompany you until the signing of the deed of purchase.

Do not rush to succeed in your real estate investment

Making a profitable first real estate investment will take time and a great deal of patience for future owners. From the choice of the agency to the search for financing through the control of housing, acquiring a 1st property does not happen overnight. Rushing could lead you straight to making rookie mistakes that will ruin your whole project.

Industry experts agree on several points, including taking your time to get the right deal. Admittedly, quality goods are rare and even if they are going at full speed, thinking about your idea and building it to reach maturity, can take a few weeks or even a few months.

Choose the city carefully before investing

The location, location and location. These are the three golden rules when you want to invest in real estate for the first time. The key to success lies in your ability to spot the best place to buy a property. Whether you want an investment in a main residence or in rental, a day will undoubtedly come when the property will be put up for sale. We must therefore focus on the location to get the right price while ensuring the desirability of the home. For this an expert or a real estate agent can be of significant help. They are able to know the amenities surrounding your future home, the evolving price per m2 and the volume of demand in a particular neighborhood.

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Calculate a budget for your property

Buying the first apartment or the house that thrills you so much will require you to take a step back and not rush into the purchase. Knowing your real estate budget will save you a lot of trouble. Indeed, the euphoria caused by a visit or an enticing announcement could very quickly make you forget the most important: your borrowing capacity and your available capital. Two essential elements for a successful first purchase.

Preparing your real estate investment plan is a step upstream of any housing search. It will allow you to make choices in accordance with your income and the capital in your account. Rare are those who will be able to have the necessary sum to buy a good without going through the bank credit box. A significant cost that will weigh heavily on your daily budget. Calculating your remainder to live by taking into account the agency fees, banks and monthly mortgage loan payments will give you a clearer vision of your possibilities. It is not a question of reneging on the house of your dreams but rather of not putting yourself in an uncontrollable financial situation.

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Invest intelligently by diversifying your savings

To make a first real estate investment when you are young or when you reach a certain age, it is important not to put all the eggs in the same basket. There are several reasons for this, such as poor workmanship or the construction of an airport nearby, which are risks associated with any type of investment. First or second purchase, always remember to keep backup savings to diversify your sources of investment.

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Have the right investor mindset

Wanting to buy real estate is an important step in your life. It is one of the projects most mentioned by the French when we talk about the future. The dream of a house in the country or a second home in a sunny country is still the preferred investment today for those who want to find a profitable investment.

But like any investment, real estate requires you to be careful to make a successful first purchase in stone. The investor mindset is the mindset you will adopt throughout the process.

To make sure you don’t take unreasonable risks but also not to fall into the trap of the overly cautious investor, developing your mindset will help you be more sure of yourself and make better choices to position yourself in the good. ideal. From finding housing to making a promise to sell, the journey can be trying, so it is better to be mentally prepared to limit the risk of gain / investment.

Having the right mindset is also being able to tell yourself that you don’t know everything and that outside advice can be useful. Many resources on the web are freely available to guide you. Approaching a specialist like wordcityexchange.com is another solution for personalized help during the entire purchasing process.

With regard to these 5 real estate tips, we can easily see that the key to a successful first real estate investment lies in taking the time to put your project to work in order to correctly calculate your budget, choose the right location or even think about sources. of alternative income to finance its real estate.

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At World city exchange, investing is second nature. We think about every purchase to guarantee an attractive return on investment for future owners. Exceptional properties control and analyze to be sure that the investment is done in the best conditions.

Investing in real estate from your computer is now possible. WCE provides you with a digital platform to place your purchase orders. Paris, London, New York, buy 100% of the property or only a few square meters depending on your budget.

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