How do I get free condominium legal advice?

Co-ownership life can be a source of conflict between co-owners. When this is the case, having recourse to free co-ownership legal advice makes it possible to better understand the obligations of each party for the settlement of disputes.

Our experts share here with you the possible solutions in this context.

Get free condominium legal advice from legal aid organizations

One of the easiest ways to get free condominium legal advice is to turn to support organizations for access to law.

You should know that there are public institutions in each department that facilitate access to assistance and legal information for everyone. These include in particular:

  • Houses of Justice and Law (MJD);
  • Departmental Centers for Access to Law (CDAC);
  • Legal Access Points (PAD);

As the courts have been overcrowded in recent years, these organizations allowget local advice and free legal assistance.

Houses of Justice and Law

Created in 1998 in the districts of large cities, the houses of justice and law (MJD) aim to ensure access to justice for all. As such, they allow collaboration between the various actors in the field: magistrates, police officers, local elected officials, social workers and local associations.

There are more than 130 houses of justice and law on French territory. Each of them is placed under the responsibility of the public prosecutor and the High Court of the city where it is located.

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In order to help you with your co-ownership problems, these bodies offer free legal advice hotlines provided by lawyers and advisers. They also offer amicable settlement solutions in the event of a neighborhood or housing problem.

Departmental centers for access to law

As their name suggests, the CDACs are legal bodies present in all departments. Placed under the authority of the High Court, these centers aim to educate people about their rights and dutiesbut also to support them in administrative processes.

For the success of its mission, each departmental center for access to law associates different partners and actors of local life:

  • Legal professionals;
  • Prefect of the department;
  • General Council and Regional Council;
  • Local legal associations.

Thanks to the CDACs, you can benefit from a free legal consultation for advice on your condominium. In the case of legal proceedings, you can even obtain financial assistance to cover the costs.

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Co-ownership legal advice

Legal access points (PAD)

The PADs are local bodies created by decision of the departmental council to facilitate people’s access to legal services. They are generally found in neighborhoods and rural areas and bring together different partners:

  • Lawyers;
  • Delegates of the Mediator of the French Republic;
  • Representatives of the city ombudsman;
  • local associations;
  • Court Conciliators.

With regard to their governance, the points of access to the law can be placed under the authority of the CDAD. They can also be located in a place open to the public, such as the town hall.

Regardless of its location, a PAD can be an excellent solution for obtaining free co-ownership legal advice. Indeed, free hotlines are organized there for inform people of their rights or offer free assistance.

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Free co-ownership legal advice in courts and administrations

In addition to the three organizations already mentioned, some town halls and courts can offer free legal consultations. That said, it’s important to find out in advance whether free counseling is available in your area.

Benefit from free co-ownership legal assistance thanks to its insurance

Most insurance contracts include legal aid. The latter allows you to benefit from the advice of an expert in the event of difficulties or litigation. To check if you are eligible for this assistance for your co-ownership problems, consult the clauses of your home insurance.

Most often, this assistance is granted by telephone through helpful legal advice. However, the intervention of the legal adviser can extend to the implementation of amicable solutions in the event of conflicts.

Contact the Bar Association

In some departments or municipalities, the local councils of the Bar Association offer free consultations. These are provided by competent lawyers from various bars.

This solution is absolutely free and accessible to anyone, regardless of income. So you can take the opportunity to get free advice on your condominium. It should be noted that these consultations may be subject to legal aid in certain regions. In addition, some specialized websites offer you a free support by email or phone.

Free condominium legal assistance: what to keep?

To benefit from free co-ownership legal advice, you can turn to:

  • The Houses of Justice and Law;
  • Departmental centers for access to law;
  • Access points to the law;
  • Free advice from lawyers in town halls or courts;
  • The Bar Association;
  • Your home insurance policy.
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