Banque Marze: the writing guide

If you live in Drôme or Ardèche, you may be familiar with Banque Marze. Indeed, the financial establishment has been operating in this territory for several decades. This local bank offers offers for individuals, but also for professionals and businesses. Before becoming a client by opening an account with the establishment, find out about its specific features: banking services, other offers, pricing, access to online accounts… Everything you need to know about Banque Marze!

Presentation of Marze Bank

Created by Jean Marze more than 130 years ago, Banque Marze has asserted itself over the decades as a regional banking company. The organization covers the Ardèche as well as the Drôme through its 11 agencies.

On the other hand, Banque Marze is positioned as a local establishment fully integrated into urban, semi-rural and rural localities. The bank offers banking services for individuals, professionals and businesses, mainly SMIs and regional SMEs. In 2008, the organization joined the BPCE group, the second largest banking group in France.

How to open an account at Banque Marze?

To open an account and become a client of Banque Marze, you must go to a branch. Use the online tool to find the branch closest to your home: In total, there are 11 agencies in the territory.

Note that you can also contact Banque Marze by completing the online form:

An advisor will contact you as soon as possible.

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banking services

Bank cards

Banque Marze offers the Visa card via three different ranges:

  • the Visa Classic card is an international payment card allowing you to pay for your purchases in France and abroad;
  • the Visa Premier card to benefit from greater payment and withdrawal capacity than with a conventional card;
  • the Visa Infinite card is a top-of-the-range card offering tailor-made services, Club privileges as well as full guarantees in terms of insurance and assistance. In addition, your private concierge informs you and gives you access to all the advantages of your card.

The youth offer

Banque Marze offers savings agreements and solutions entirely dedicated to young people between the ages of 18 and 28. Among the offers for young people:

  • tailor-made pricing with cash facility, agios deductible, free student loan application fees, insurance on means of payment;
  • remote account management by mail (monthly statements) or on the Internet using the Marze Net service;
  • medical assistance in France and abroad with the Visa card. This is the Securiplus service;
  • and the agreement is available as a duo on a joint account.

The support offer for customers in fragile situations (OCF)

This offer is made available to financially fragile customers by certain establishments. Banque Marze is one of those who offer measures aimed at this particular clientele:

  • a specific cap on charges related to payment incidents;
  • the provision of a payment card with systematic authorization;
  • the deposit or withdrawal of cash in branches;
  • four monthly SEPA transfers including at least one permanent transfer;
  • two bank checks per month;
  • consulting the account remotely;
  • the possibility of carrying out remote management operations to another account within the same establishment;
  • the supply of bank details…
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Note that to claim the OCF, Banque Marze must assess your situation of financial fragility in accordance with article R.312-4-3 of the Monetary and Financial Code: irregularities in the operation of the account or repeated payment incidents during three consecutive months, unpaid check, situation of over-indebtedness…

Other services

savings products

Through its savings products, Banque Marze offers you the possibility of:

  • build up available savings (passbook A, CSL, CEL, youth booklet, LEP, LDDS);
  • grow your savings (PEL, PEA, life insurance, etc.);
  • prepare for the future of your children (children’s savings plan, CEL, booklet A, young people’s booklet, etc.);
  • prepare your real estate purchase (PEL, CEL);
  • preparing for your retirement (PEA, life insurance, rental investment);
  • optimize your taxation.


The establishment has classic loan offers for:

  • buy your home (PEL, bridging loan, etc.);
  • acquire a vehicle (personal car loan, etc.);
  • finance a project (personal loan, consumer discovery loan).

To note : young people between the ages of 18 and 28 can benefit from a package specific to their needs, but also from a student loan to help them finance their studies, and from a purchase loan. This last offer comes in the form of a home loan dedicated to young working people, up to the age of 31, who wish to become owners of their first main residence.


In terms of insurance, Banque Marze has traditional products:

  • Car Insurance ;
  • Home Insurance ;
  • coverage to protect your family (from life accidents, for example);
  • guarantee of means of payment;
  • other vehicle insurance (motorcycle, boat, camping car, etc.).

The rates

The remote banking service (Internet subscription) is not free but charged at 3.20 euros per month. As regards the standard account maintenance, the costs amount to 71.80 euros per year (i.e. 17.95 euros per quarter). On the other hand, maintaining an inactive account is free. And insurance theft or loss of means of payment costs 28 euros per year.

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You can consult all the pricing applied by Banque Marze via its website:

How do I access the online account?

Checking your accounts online couldn’t be simpler. Just click on the « Access your customer area » button, located at the top right of the home page.

You will then be directed to another web page where you will need to enter your subscriber number using your numeric keypad:

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