How to make a seasonal furnished rental contract?

Holidays are essential for various reasons and therefore need to be well organized so that they are truly moments of relaxation and rest. To ensure a better stay, housing is an important criterion. Hire housing with furniture usually turns out to be the solution. However, to ensure reliability when seasonal rental bookingyou have to write a lease contract beforehand. But, how to write a seasonal furnished rental contract?

What are the documents required for a seasonal furnished rental contract?

The signing of the lease contract for a seasonal furnished rental is accompanied by the constitution of a rental document. This involves the documents to be attached to the furnished rental lease contract:

  • Inventory upon arrival ;
  • Safety and pollution of the environment;
  • DPE or Energy Performance Diagnosis, if the total rental period exceeds 4 months per year;
  • CREP or Lead Exposure Risk Report for homes built before January 1, 1949.

The owner must also ensure that his accommodation is protected by rental insurance.

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What do you need to know about the seasonal furnished rental lease?

The seasonal rental contract is a document that concerns seasonal accommodation to receive people on vacation. This lease also concerns any type of short-term rental. The following information should be found in this type of rental agreement.

Tenant and landlord information

The vacation rental lease contains information about the parties to the contract. In this document must be mentioned:

  • Surnames, first names;
  • Dates of birth;
  • The addresses ;
  • Other important landlord and tenant contact information.

Accommodation information

The lease contract must include a description of the accommodation for rent in mentioning the type of accommodation, the area, the number of people who will be staying in the house, the presence of annexes and others. The list of furniture, equipment and utensils present in the residence must also be mentioned.

“The seasonal furnished rental of a residence includes the establishment of an entry inventory and an exit inventory. »

Duration of the lease agreement

Generally, the time maximum rental period lasts up to 90 days. If the law does not indicate the minimum duration, the duration agreed with the tenant must be mentioned in the lease contract. Besides, the 90-day term is non-renewable. The owner and the tenant decide together on the duration of the rental, which is known to both parties in advance.

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The rent

THE amount of the rent applied for the rental period must also be mentioned. Thus, the tenant can make an estimate of the amount he has to spend during the vacation. The rental contract must mention the amount of rent applied to the week, for example. Besides, if the tenant wishes to rent the residence for 3 weeks, the contract must mention it. Therefore, the total price will be determined for this duration.

Security deposit

Ask the tenant for the payment of a security deposit at the signing of the lease contract, as a reservation. The amount is usually between 20 and 30% of the total amount of the rent. However, the law does not regulate the security deposit in the context of a seasonal furnished rental. In addition, the contract must stipulate that it is a deposit or a deposit:

  • Deposit : In the event that the tenant guarantees his willingness to rent the accommodation with the furniture. Moreover, the amount is lost in the event of rental cancellation;
  • Deposit : This condition does not let the tenant reconsider his decision. Thus, the duration of the furnished rental is limited and the owner can oblige him to pay the full amount of the rental.

Furnished accommodation is the most affected by seasonal rental. The seasonal furnished rental lease contract allows you to have more information on the house and to know the amount of the rental.

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