Housing area: what are the best neighborhoods in Montpellier?

Located near the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Montpellier is one of the most attractive in all of France. For good reason, each of its districts has a unique particularity and Montpellier itself is a strategic point for any activity relating to real estate. Some people even do not hesitate to call it an earthly paradise. If you still have trouble believing it, here are some of these neighborhoods in the municipality of Montpellier that will certainly make you change your mind.

The Écusson district

Often presented as being the historic center of Montpellier, the Écusson is the most beautiful district of the said city and by far. Indeed, it is a space where marvelous squares parade with luxurious hotels and gigantic buildings. For many, it’s a prime spot and that’s absolutely true. Unfortunately, it is now increasingly difficult to find a good location in the Écusson district and more generally in Montpellier. The reason is simple: too many people want to live in Montpellier and good offers are systematically taken as soon as they are offered. However, if you wish, you currently have the chance to find a place of choice in Écusson or elsewhere. All you have to do is contact the Real Estate Agency near Montpellier who will help you find exactly what you want.

The Fine Arts district

The Beaux Arts district is one of the most visited and one of the most remarkable on French soil. It has a very original architecture which has always made tourists believe that they are visiting “a village within a city”. This district is also recognized as being one of the regions with the most playgrounds, rest areas and shops. He is usually soothing and very calm, which justifies the interest of all those who seek to settle in Ile de France. If, moreover, you find yourself in this category of people, first be sure to see the price of real estate in Montpellier before you decide. “La Surdouée”, as it is called, is quite big and you can always feel a better feeling with another neighborhood of this heavenly city.

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The Port Marianne district

Port Marianne is a very young district; it is one of the newest in all of Montpellier and is barely fifty years old. Despite this, it is and remains a space that attracts tens of thousands of people to Montpellier each year. This because it is not only very ecological (it is even the most ecological district of Montpellier), but also very “complete”. More simply, you can see everything there. It is also the perfect place for those who want to settle permanently or for those who only want to spend a few months of vacation. It should also be pointed out that this district is very popular with students because it enjoys the presence of the Richter university centre.

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