Independent real estate agent: the importance of experience

The real estate agent puts the owner of a property in contact with a candidate for rental or purchase. Among his qualities are rigor, the ability to persuade, mobility and a sense of organization. This professional works in most cases within a real estate agency, but nothing prevents you from exercising this profession independently. Let’s take stock of the training to follow and the weight of experience in this area to break into this environment.

What qualifications are required to become a real estate agent?

Several training courses allowing the obtaining of a bac+2 to bac+ 5 allow to embrace the career of independent real estate agent.

You have the opportunity to work as a real estate agent if you have a baccalaureate +2 in sales. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend having at least one BTS real estate professions which can be alternated. This training, which gives you the opportunity to put theoretical lessons into practice, will make it easier for you to find work.

Nothing also prevents you from continuing your studies to obtain a Professional license specialized in real estate. You will acquire the superior knowledge you will need by following advanced training courses, such as the Master’s degree in real estate law, town planning and construction, or even real estate and housing law. The Masters in real estate management and project management or asset and real estate management are ideal if you want to specialize in a specific area of ​​real estate.

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Finally, add an asset to your sleeve by obtaining a diploma from the ESPI (higher school of real estate professions).

What training to follow to be an independent real estate agent?

If you want to become an independent real estate agent and work on your own account, you have the option of joining a network that offers adequate training. You will also see that it is quite possible to train as a real estate agent if you wish to retrain, for example, thanks to an adapted program. The legal fundamentals, as well as the buyer-seller relationship will be covered and you will have recourse to exclusive tools if you choose the right organization.

Train yourself online as a real estate agent

You have the possibility of training for the profession of real estate agent via a complete training program offered online if you plan to start a freelance activity. It is generally provided by an agency that makes its tools available to you, which are available in transaction and freelance software, in contracts with ad sites or in websites.

You have the opportunity to train yourself in the techniques and methods applied in the real estate sector. Assistance in recruiting real estate negotiators in different sectors and support are all things you will learn from dealers already in place. You also have the option of start your business from home, then in the business center. As time goes by, you will be able, if you wish, to negotiate your advertising contracts with the various portals.

become an independent real estate agent, training

Take advantage of a professional retraining to become a real estate agent

Activities related to real estate management or transactions require the development of specific skills. You will find platforms that offer turnkey training programs for jobs in the real estate sector. Their strong point is that they adapt to various scenarios and can therefore work if you are in a process of professional retraining without a specific degree.

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This can also be useful to you whether or not you have followed prior continuing education such as a BTS in real estate professions. You will benefit from serious and educational support, from prospecting to building customer loyalty, by addressing legal, advertising, commercial topics, etc.

Discover the missions of a real estate professional

It is necessary to clearly define the missions of this professional when one wishes to practice this profession.

The real estate agent is an intermediary between a buyer and an owner of real estate. He is mandated by the latter who wishes to rent or sell his property. He will then have to find a lessor or a buyer and relay the file or the rental offer to the owner. It is his responsibility to look for real estate for sale or to rent, to sign a mandate with the owner and to define with him the rental or sale price, as well as the cost of the charges if necessary.

He must also show the property to the purchaser or the person who wishes to rent it, but also present the tenants’ files or the purchase offers to the owner. The real estate agent informs the candidate for rental or the purchaser of the owner’s decision. It accompanies both parties in the signing of the compromise of the lease or sale. Finally, the delivery of the keys to the new tenant or owner, as well as the drafting of an inventory of the property, are also part of his mission.

Missions of an independent real estate agent

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What are the profiles and prerequisites for becoming a freelance real estate agent?

In order to become a good independent real estate agent, it is absolutely necessary to have certain prerequisites, as well as a certain profile. This very commercial and relational job requires you to be comfortable with communication and to have experience in this field.

The desired profile

It is preferable that you come from real estate sector and that you have management experience, even if this is not an obligation. People in the field, managers and developers will also be more comfortable in this profession. The latter requires motivation, to be concerned about the customer, to have availability as well as a sense of organization. Adaptation, listening and management skills are all assets that should be possessed.

Experience is an asset

In the profession of independent real estate agent, experience in the field is an undeniable asset. You gain this experience by working in the industry, by developing your skills in communication, but also in sales. Ideally, one should also have a traditional agency and seek to boost your turnover. You will know where to set foot, how to deal with a given situation and you will be able to complete your knowledge by acquiring new knowledge.

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