Anonymous credit card: advantages and disadvantages

An anonymous credit card allows you to make payments like any credit card. On the other hand, your various transactions are carried out anonymously. No trace on your bank account. This use rather reserved for small amounts has advantages and disadvantages. How does a prepaid card actually work and what are its limitations?

Anonymous credit card, for what uses?

These prepaid cards are not linked to any bank account. This confidentiality may one day benefit you. Traditional banks do not offer anonymous bank cards. This is still prohibited by law. To own one, you have to turn to the prepaid bank accounts, also called rechargeable bank cards, or to accounts without banks. There are also offshore bank cards. To obtain an anonymous bank card, no need to present supporting documents. You will not have to provide any ID or proof of address.

With an anonymous bank card, carry out your classic transactions (withdrawal, online or in-store payment, etc.). These will not leave any trace on your account. Generally, it is Visa or MasterCard. They are accepted in all shops around the world.

How an anonymous credit card works

Using an anonymous bank card is very simple. All you have to do is buy a prepaid card, online or in store, top it up (in cash or via bank transfer) and then use it.

However, there are some differences depending on the cards. Some of them only issue digital money. These cards make it possible to secure online payments. The Paysafecard, for example, can only be used once. Neosurf is also limited in number of uses. This prepaid card cancels all risk of hacking the credit card.

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Anonymous bank cards open the right to a RIB or IBAN code. We then speak of a neobank. In this sector, Morning, Lydia, Compte Nickel, N26 and Veritas have positioned themselves. With these rechargeable bank cards, you can receive your social benefits, make various direct debits such as rent or gas bill.

Advantages of owning an anonymous bank card

Like a classic bank card, the anonymous is revealed very easy to use and valid everywhere. Physical and online merchants accept it.

Its confidentiality makes it a popular bank card. No need to present supporting documents to carry out day-to-day transactions. Making all your payments without a trace protects your privacy.

This anonymity is very practical in the case of an offshore account, even if in principle the foreign bank does not disclose any confidential information about its customers.

In the event of loss or theft of your prepaid bank card, the sum to be withdrawn will be less. The risks incurred are less substantial than with a traditional bank card. The anonymous bank card is well suited to the following events: stays, festival weekends, placing on an online gaming site, etc.

The anonymous bank card can also represent a very practical solution for bank bans. This card does not allow overdraft, which makes it easier to maintain an account.

Prepaid credit card, the inconvenients

Having a prepaid bank card has many advantages. However, this payment method also has its drawbacks. Starting with the prices, which are often very high.

For this type of card, there is no monthly fee or management fee. On the other hand, the costs of reloading the card as well as the costs of withdrawal are expensive. These services cost more than in a traditional bank. Top-up fees vary between 2 and 4%.

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The ceilings are very low. Since 2017, the monthly limit is limited to 250 euros. Monthly withdrawals and expenses are also capped at 100 and 250 euros respectively. This cap is intended to prevent money laundering.

In the event of theft, you will have no means of asserting your rights. It is therefore preferable not to keep a prepaid card for too long.

The anonymous bank card in the form of a prepaid or rechargeable card is an attractive means of payment. It allows you to pay for purchases in complete discretion and to be able to regulate your expenses easily. However, the use of this type of card is very limited and only applies for small amounts. The anonymous bank card is ideal in addition to a traditional credit card.

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