Building: how to find land to build on?

When you have a real estate project, choosing the land on which your house will be built is a very important step. Indeed, it is necessary to select a ground which corresponds to its needs and which will make it possible to have the house of its desires. But how do you find land to build on?

Who offers available land?

Several professionals are able to offer land for the construction of a house. These are real estate agents and notaries. If they have a website, the various land announcements will be visible there. It is also possible to contact a developer.

This professional will know which plots are available for future construction. The site offers a set of building plots. Calling on a developer allows you to get a more precise idea of ​​the overall cost of your construction project. It is also possible to leaf through the newspapers to find announcements of building plots or to inquire at the town halls.

The last solution to find land to build on is to do some scouting or get information from the neighborhood. This option has its limits since it does not allow you to find land that is geographically distant. The searches are concentrated only around his place of residence.

How to choose your land?

The choice of land depends above all on the construction project. It is advisable to take your time before making your choice and to define some priorities for the present moment, but also in the future. As with a real estate purchase, the environment must be studied. The presence of shops, access to public transport, proximity to schools or cultural venues should be taken into account. The price of building land will be lower in the countryside than in town, but this distance will have an impact on essential travel.

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Then you have to take into account the more technical parameters. It is the construction that must be adapted to the terrain and not the other way around. For example, for a single-storey house, sloping ground is to be avoided. A land that is only slightly exposed to the sun because of another construction can quickly be depressing. The exposure of the land to the sun will also have an influence on the luminosity and on the heating bills.

Grounds maintenance should also be considered. Certainly, a large plot is pleasant, but it will require a lot of work on a daily basis, and therefore, additional expenses. The choice of land should not be made on a whim but rather according to the way of life envisaged in the long term.

Land in a subdivision or isolated?

Depending on the construction project, two types of land may be suitable.

The plot of land, which is already connected to electricity, water, telephone and gas. Its constructability is already guaranteed but, in return, certain development rules will have to be respected. All the houses in the subdivision will have to remain in the same spirit to guarantee a certain harmony.

The isolated land, which is therefore not bounded or serviced. Landscaping work may be required if the land is difficult to access. On the other hand, the construction is totally free and can thus be carried out by an architect, a craftsman, another real estate professional or even the future owners. This type of land allows total freedom both when the house is built and years later.

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