Investing in real estate in the Alpes-Maritimes

Real estate is one of the safest ways to build up a lasting heritage. Indeed, it presents lower risks compared to other forms of investment. To invest well, however, it is important to study certain parameters, the location of the future property in the first place. The Alpes-Maritimes is one of the departments most appreciated by investors, in particular because of its tourist assets which promote rental on the premises. But what exactly are the advantages of investing in the Alpes-Maritimes and what type of good bet on?

Where to invest in the Alpes-Maritimes?

According to real estate professionals, rental investment in the Alpes-Maritimes department relates more to apartmentsas the houses. Quality investment, whether you live there or not, there are several strategic places where you can invest.

Buying a villa in Roquebrune

Roquebrune is an enchanting little town very popular for its sea view. This is a destination that is attracting more and more travelers, thanks to its location on the cliffs, right in the middle of the forest of Cap Martin: to acquire a luxury villa in Roquebrune, it is advisable to approach real estate agencies located in the 06, specialists in the sector.

Regarding the purchase price of a villa on this very popular place, you have to plan for a fairly high budget. Indeed, the price of real estate in Roquebrune is higher compared to other departments of the Alpes-Maritimes. In Roquebrune, you can find very high quality properties, whether you want to buy your future main or secondary residence, or make a rental investment. The future occupant will benefit from a rare quality of life, in a peaceful and secure setting.

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Buying a villa in Roquebrune also allows you to enjoy the various famous tourist sites, such as the chapel of La Pausa, the medieval castle, the Sainte-Marguerite church, etc., which give pride of place to the town.

Maritime real estate Investing in the Alps

Cagnes sur mer

Cagnes-sur-Mer has many parks and green spaces, as well as a magnificent seaside. The city also has a quality heritage, in addition to its many facilities in the fields of health, transport and shops. .

For a one-bedroom apartment in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the average sale price is €114,672 with a price per m² of €3,940. If you wish to rent this property, you can receive an average monthly rent of €609. You can also invest in a property of the same surface located at Cannet. The average sale price on these places is €104,861, with a price per m² of €3,488. For a rental, the average cost of rent is €550.


You also have the option of investing in a one-bedroom apartment in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, another town in the Alpes-Maritimes highly valued for its quality of life. With an average sale price of €124,051 and a cost per m² of €4,088, you can collect an average rent of €600 on a rental basis.


Why not make your choice towards Nice and its famous Promenade des Anglais facing the beautiful Bay of Angels ? With a sale price per m² of €4,302, Nice is a safe investment. You can also prefer Antibes, its close neighbour, with an average sale price per m² of €4,335.

Why favor the Alpes-Maritimes for rental?

The Alpes-Maritimes seduce buyers, especially those wishing to invest in rental property. The region offers a very pleasant living environment. It also has a great cultural wealth and an exceptional architectural heritage.

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The department has more than one million inhabitants and attracts many tourists all year round. The mild climate of the Côte d’Azur and the many international events organized there (Cannes Festival, Nice Carnival, etc.) contribute to this strong appeal.

The department is also very active in the technology sector. We should mention in particular the presence of the French technology park Sophia Antipolis, prompting many workers and companies to set up on the premises, which further boosts the rental market.

Its natural heritage also encourages investment. The coast from Cannes to Menton offers superb stretches of beaches, including Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, Nice, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Villefranche, etc. There are also many resorts allowing visitors to enjoy beautiful outdoor walks in national parks, such as the Préalpes d’Azur natural park.

A rental portfolio can also be largely financed by mortgage. You can also benefit from very advantageous taxation. Similarly, you will be able to collect rent each month, which represents additional income in addition to building up a lasting heritage.

For the surface, it is necessary to favor small housing, if you wish to make a rental investment. These accommodations are suitable for seasonal rentals, especially if they are furnished. You can for example invest in a studio, a T1 or T2 apartment. This type of property is also highly sought after by students. Investing in a luxury villa can also be a good investment, so you will reach wealthier tourists with significant purchasing power.

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In what type of property should you invest in the Alpes-Maritimes?

As an investor, it may be interesting to invest in an old building or apartment located in the Alpes-Maritimes. Opportunities exist in the region: T2, T3, old residences… the panel is wide. The price basically varies depending on the location. Renovating an apartment allows you to take advantage of a tax reduction, while benefiting from an attractive purchase price. You will thus be able to ensure good profitability and hope for a strong capital gain during the possible resale of the property.

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Invest in new is also very profitable. Indeed, new real estate allows you to build up a heritage with a sure value, without unpleasant surprises. In addition, an investment in new allows you to benefit from the Pinel device, which will allow you to obtain an income tax reduction of up to 21% (if you rent the property in question).

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