Is the ground floor a good investment?

Today, investing in properties located on the ground floor is attracting more and more investors, especially those who prefer rentals, since they can generate profits more easily.

There are of course people who would much rather live on the ground floor than take an apartment upstairs. Traders, for their part, especially those with very limited financial means, prefer to transform them into premises to carry out their various activities. In this regard, it should be noted that there are two types of buyers, owner-tenants and owners who buy to take advantage of a rental investment.

However, several ground floors have been rented for the purpose of carrying out professional and commercial activities with many advantages. To raise the incomparable advantages of premises located at ground level, several questions must be asked. Besides, why choose a room on the ground floor? What are the advantages of a property on the ground floor?

Why choose the ground floor?

First of all, you should know that the ground floor is subject to a discount essential to the purchase, it is of the order of 20 to 40% and rental around 15% compared to the apartments located on the top floor, which makes it possible to achieve extremely fascinating profits. However, this type of premises has been ignored and often neglected. But more for today.

For example, when a room is rented on the ground floor, it offers more profitability than an apartment upstairs. The investor seeks, in fact, to make profits, in this case, he has the choice to give more importance to profitability or to capital gain or even to find a balance between the two at the same time.

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The advantages of the ground floor

For a long time, investing in ground floors was never a primary objective for a lot of real estate investors, they only saw their faults, while several advantages are worth mentioning.

Moreover, the first advantage of single-storey housing is proximity. To avoid the ordeal of constantly waiting for the arrival of the elevator, a ground floor becomes essential. Or more often when it breaks down, going up or down becomes a calamity. In this case, opting for accommodation on the ground floor is then a most profitable solution.

In addition, the accommodations on the ground floor have the advantage of quick and easy access. Indeed, people who move often, it is more practical to quickly access their home by being on the ground floor while reducing the costs and time of moving. Same thing, for people who do the shopping often, there will be no more problems when it comes to getting them home. People with disabilities in particular are also affected by this type of housing, including the elderly or those with serious illnesses.

Finally, it should be noted that the ground floor pays the same charges as the rest of the building. On the other hand, it will be necessary to be well documented in relation to the insurance of this one.

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