Bank check from Crédit Mutuel

A relatively safe means of payment, bank checks are essential for major transactions. According to the banks, the time of obtaining and the time of collection vary. Discover in detail all the particularities of the Crédit Mutuel bank check in terms of deadlines and prices. And because of the many scams, learn how to unseal fake checks as well. Everything you need to know to never be the victim of a fake bank check scam!

What is a bank check?

Not to be confused with the bank check, the bank check is a relatively secure means of payment. It is very often requested to finance a major purchase (acquisition of a vehicle between individuals, for example).

The bank check is issued and signed by a banking institution. The title order is in the name of the seller. This means of payment remains a guarantee of security so as not to be the victim of a scam during a sale. And issued by the bank, it also certifies the presence of sufficient provision at the time of its edition.

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How do I get a bank check from Crédit Mutuel?

To obtain a bank check from Crédit Mutuel, simply go to the counter of one of the branches in the network. An advisor will take care to verify that you have the necessary funds. If your account balance is sufficient, the advisor will send you the security.

On the other hand, the bank check is automatically completed by your Crédit Mutuel branch. This avoids the risk of fraud. And usually, the title is signed by the director of the agency.

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Note: in most branches, you will need to complete and sign a bank check request form.

The rates

Issuing a bank check is a chargeable service, the amount of which varies according to the establishment. Generally, it is necessary to pay ten euros to obtain the title.

As far as Crédit Mutuel is concerned, whatever federation you belong to, the price is 11 euros.


A waiting period applies when you request a bank check. Some financial organizations deliver the title immediately while others have a two-day delay. It is therefore imperative to anticipate his request if you need to have the bank check quickly.

In reality, three factors affect the time taken to obtain the title:

  • the amount ;
  • the receiving means;
  • any notice period.

At Crédit Mutuel, the delivery of the bank check can be immediate or take one to two days. This partly depends on the institution you are applying to as well as the timing of the request.

Collection time

Cashing a bank check is done in the same way as a classic check. Go to an agency to deposit the title.

To know : you have one year and eight days to deposit and cash your bank cheque. However, it is strongly recommended to cash in the title as soon as possible to avoid losing it.

Our security recommendations

Although relatively safe, this means of payment is not immune to scams and fraud. Before accepting a bank check from Crédit Mutuel, you should therefore be extremely vigilant.

Call the issuing bank

Do you have any doubts about the authenticity of the bank check or its origin? Even if everything seems normal, call the issuing bank. This is an important check. Indeed, the financial institution will validate or not the reliability of the title.

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But be careful, do not trust the buyer by calling the number he gives you. It could then be a fake number with an accomplice on the other end of the line. Look up the issuing bank’s telephone number yourself. Generally, these appear on the bank check.

When you are on the phone with the organization, provide the advisor with the following information: beneficiary’s name, check number and exact amount.

Note: for verification to be possible, it is essential to carry out the transaction during the organization’s opening hours. Avoid sales on Sundays or holidays!

Go to the counter with the buyer

If the call to the issuing bank is a way to verify the authenticity of a check, know that there is another possibility: go to the counter directly with the buyer when handing over the document.

The other solution is to take the lead by asking the buyer to give you the scan of the bank check. Then contact your own bank to verify the authenticity of the title. She will be able to make sure that it is not a falsified document.

Mandatory information on a bank check

The establishment of a bank check meets strict regulations. Indeed, there are obligatory mentions. First, check for the presence of a normalized watermark. Since 2009, all bank checks have one. This security system includes the mention “bank check”. And the title must also have a magnetic line at the bottom, made up of letters and numbers.

The other mandatory information relating to the NF K11-111 standard are as follows:

  • the name of the bank issuing the check;
  • the « payable in France » box identifying the place of payment and the bank’s telephone number;
  • the name, address and account of the drawer;
  • the amount (in words and figures);
  • the place and date of issue of the bank check.
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On the other hand, you must carry out other checks:

  • the amount must be correct. Otherwise, it is probably a stolen check;
  • if the buyer wants to complete the transaction with another means of payment, cancel the sale;
  • finally, if the bank check shows alterations such as scraping, scratching or tearing, refuse payment.

Verify the identity of the buyer

Finally, it is very important to verify the identity of the buyer before making him leave with the object. To secure the transaction and avoid identity theft, ask for an identity document. Check the information (age, size, etc.) and see if it matches the person you have in front of you.

In case of doubt about the real identity of the buyer, it is preferable to cancel the sale. Do not run any risk!

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