State of play: why resort to a professional in this area?

Whether it is at the entry or exit of tenants, various requirements are imposed on any manager of rental property. Among these, the inventory is of capital importance. Also essential in the context of a sale, this procedure makes it possible to avoid subsequent conflicts linked to the condition of the property concerned. However, in order for everything to go well, the intervention of a professional can be very useful, even essential.

Make an inventory : what is it exactly?

Carrying out an inventory consists of carry out a meticulous and scrupulous description of the condition of a home and its equipment. This description should be done room by room, and from floor to ceiling. It is transcribed on a special document reserved for this use. There are mainly two types of inventory. In the case of rental properties, a distinction is made between the entry inventory and the exit inventory.

How is the inventory carried out at the tenant’s entrance?

The state of play of entry is carried out before the new tenant integrates the accommodation. It is then attached to the rental agreement. Specifically, the entry inventory can be done on the day the rental contract is signed. However, in certain circumstances, it may happen that it takes place on the day of the tenant’s entry into the accommodation.

It allows the tenant to know and see in what condition he receives the premises. If the accommodation is in poor condition, the tenant can then ask the landlord to carry out the necessary restoration work.

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On the other hand, this type of inventory allows the lessor to establish that the accommodation he is renting is in good condition. At the end of the lease, he can therefore ask the tenant to repair the damage caused by him.

What about the exit inventory?

As its name suggests, the exit inventory is drawn up upon departure from the tenant at the end of the lease. It tends to prove that the tenant has taken good care of the accommodation. It is also carried out in the presence of the tenant and the lessor (or the manager who represents him).

If during the lease the tenant has made good use of the accommodation, he can legitimately claim the sum serving as a guarantee for work in the accommodation. However, otherwise, the lessor can withhold sums from the security deposit depending on the repairs that need to be done.

What is the procedure to follow to make an inventory

As the owner or manager of a rental property, it is up to you to carry out the inventory. For this, before the inspection, you need to prepare the document that will serve as a support.
The latter must imperatively describe the accommodation as well as its equipment. He must also note their state of conservation.

The following essential information must also be included:

  • The date of establishment of the inventory;
  • The precise geographic location of the accommodation;
  • The name and denomination of the parties;
  • Individual energy and water consumption meter readings.

In addition, it is important not to forget to give a precise description of the condition of the floor, wall and ceiling coverings. For this purpose, it is also recommended to illustrate them using images taken in the presence of both parties.

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Of course, after the inspection, both parties must sign the final document. A copy will be given to the tenant before taking possession of the premises.

Make an inventory: explanations and advice

Why ask a professional to make an inventory?

Although seemingly simple, an inventory is a demanding task that requires time and some expertise. In addition, it can be a source of conflict between the different parties involved. Having recourse to an external service specialized in this matter can then prove to be of great help.

A valuable time saver

Carrying out an inventory requires an average of 2 hours of time. For properties with large areas, this can go much further. For an owner or manager, that’s a lot! Outsource this task therefore allows this time to be devoted to the development of its activity while having the guarantee of a successful mission.

Specialists quickly available

Specialized in carrying out an inventory on behalf of professionals and individuals, Snexi offers a large network of operators which can intervene within 24 hours throughout France. Well-versed in the task, they have all the necessary expertise.

To avoid conflicts

Unfortunately, the conflicts which then arise from carrying out the inventory are relatively frequent. A damage that the tenant refuses to assume or a poorly carried out repair … And off you go for long negotiations. By bringing in an external service provider, you can more easily manage these conflicts or simply save yourself from them.

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