Renting an apartment quickly in Paris: how to do it?

It is very difficult to find accommodation in Paris, so quickly it is practically impossible, without a few tricks. To find healthy housing at a fair price, it’s an obstacle course if you don’t get help. Here are the two main tracks followed by those looking for accommodation, the second is safer to find an apartment in Paris quickly.

The classic route: the classifieds

Even if we do it very early in the morning, it is certain that there will be a lot of people at the meeting place. Better to arrive in the first to have a small chance of winning the lease contract, if the apartment interests us. Very often, the price turns out to be too high for the characteristics of the accommodation.

Buy the newspaper or get the one from the classifieds as soon as possible

You can buy the newspaper as soon as the tobacconist or the bakery opens, so you are among the first to read the ad. It is the same with the newspapers of free advertisements which one receives in the mailboxes, one can go to seek it one day in advance with the seat of the newspaper in question. These are often classified ads from individuals to individuals, without agency fees.

Classified ads for merchants

Ask to hang an ad at the bakery or at the hairdresser for example, small shops are a good way to be read. The advertisement must be explicit and convincing, not too long: search for apartment x rooms, in such arrondissement, 3rd floor and more with elevator, permanent contract or liberal profession for example, make an offer to tel: xx. It is best to post the ad directly to the merchants in the district concerned.

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Place an advertisement in the newspaper

As with the classified ad for merchants, you can write one to insert in a newspaper for a few euros. You can choose several formulas: that it also appears on the website or a subscription over several weeks. At the site level, you can highlight the ad again by paying directly on the site. Directly from P to P. The advantage is to receive an e-mail or a telephone call from the person who is in possession of a property for rent. You can choose the properties that suit you best and visit them by requiring the individual visit. You then have a better chance, depending on your professional and family situation, of obtaining the property please.

Word of mouth

Saying around you that you are looking for an apartment in Paris can remind some people that someone they know is going to move soon. It is then enough to get in touch with the person concerned to take over the lease, even more quickly, which is often to the advantage of the two protagonists. It is very rare that with a complete file (3 payslips, 3 rent receipts, family allowances) the takeover offer is rejected.

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Real estate agencies and notary offices

When looking for an apartment in Paris, we obviously think of real estate agencies, what slows some people down is the amount of the agency’s fees. It must be remembered that the agency is an intermediary between the owner and us, but not only, thanks to the agency, work can be carried out quickly according to certain criteria and scales, and this, even if the owner is not agree, these costs will be invoiced to him. Everything related to safety (electricity, gas) to water leaks must be repaired as soon as possible. It is also much safer to be able to recover the month of guarantee paid by entering the premises in addition to the current rent and the agency fees.

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We must not forget the notarial office, much less in demand than the agencies, but which sells and rents accommodation throughout France, including apartments in Paris at the best price. Indeed, the amount of the rent cannot be inflated, because it is estimated by experts, on the other hand, it can be undervalued according to the will of the owners.

Submit a complete file and call

For rapid processing of your housing application, you must submit files to all the agencies in the arrondissement as a priority and in the surrounding area afterwards. The list of documents may appear on the agency’s website, if not, ask them by telephone for the documents to be provided, these are often the same from one agency to another. Take note of the names of all the real estate agencies in which you have submitted a file on paper or by e-mail. Relaunch them regularly, twice a week being a good average, you can do the same at the level of notarial offices, but once a week is enough, your file should be in the right place on the desk.

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