Top 3 of the best neighborhoods in Brest – Where to invest?

Brest is the capital of the district of Finistère in Brittany. After Toulon it is the second military port of France. In terms of inhabitants, it is the second Breton agglomeration after Rennes. That said, we quickly realize that the city ​​of Ponant brings people together, and not just anyone.

A large university city, it has been able to open up to many university disciplines, which makes it a city of choice for students. Brest is a city that is clearly worth a detour, if only for Harbor Thursdays (street art and concert festival) or the spring bell ringers. If you have the opportunity to go there, do not hesitate to take a look at the Brest international maritime festivals which bring together, every four years, traditional boats from all over the world. I offer you a little tour of the top 3 districts of Brest.

Brest city center

It is difficult to make a topo of the most interesting places to visit without mentioning the Brest city center. Indeed, it is a very young and dynamic district which resembles the Brest imagined by Vauban in the 17th century. Ideally located close to the marina, many restaurants and bars have taken up residence there. If you like shopping, you will not be left out with the famous Jean-Jaurès and Siam streets, which are entirely pedestrianised. Good deals are generally found in the small adjacent streets.

Accommodation prices: expect around €1,400 m² for an apartment and just over €1,500 m² for a house (although they are very rare).

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The Quatre-Moulins district

Take a walk in the Quatre-Moulins districta district which has undergone recent changes with the many urban restorations of Recouvrance, the renovation of the performance hall  » Mac Olan « . If you are a history buff (just like me) know that the Quatre-Moulins bring together a good part of the historical heritage of Brest.

In addition, with the recent development of the small squares located near the Pierre-Péron garden and the opening of the Capucins, the district breathes a completely new air.

Accommodation prices: expect around €1,300 m² for a relatively decent apartment.

The Saint-Marc district of Brest

Initially a town on the outskirts of Brest, it became a district in 1945. If you are looking for the charm of beautiful houses overlooking the beach, the Saint-Marc district is made for you. Ideally located between the marina and the city center, it is an area very well served by public transport. You will also find restaurants, cafes and local shops.

Accommodation prices: expect around €1,400 m² for all properties combined.

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Our opinion

Obviously this is not an exhaustive presentation of the city, we could have told you about the Bellevue district, ideal for small budgets wishing to get closer to local shops and universities. Where the district of Saint-Pierre Quilbignon which has a lot of small pearls such as White Housea small cove, heavy with stories, which will give you the impression of being on the shores of the Mediterranean.

In short, if you want to discover Brest to visit or to stay longer, nothing should hold you back. In addition to providing a very large cultural and sporting offer, the territory is dynamic from all points of view. The weather is more than mild (a real micro climate for the region!), there is no doubt, you will fall in love with its charms and especially its inhabitants.

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