Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Compatibility in Love

Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Compatibility in Love: Characters

Aquarius men are under the influence of Uranus and Saturn, while Pisces women are under the influence of Jupiter and Neptune. Uranus deals with all things innovative. Saturn brings the necessary determination to organize and put into practice the activity promptly proposed by the genius of Aquarius. Jupiter is pure philosophical thought, and empathy, while Neptune has focused its energy on the spirituality of the sign of Pisces. Whenever Aquarius has a new idea to put into practice, the Pisces woman puts herself at the service of her partner and, thanks to her infallible intuition, her help is always invaluable. The relationship is intense and balanced because it is perfectly combined with intellect and sensitivity.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, while Pisces is a mutable sign. The Aquarius man is always busy with a new activity or a new project to develop; the sign of Pisces accepts the indications of the partner and is happy to be able to contribute, especially when the goal is to improve the sentimental bond. Both are more adept at starting than finishing things. They undertake to keep the relationship alive and interesting, otherwise, at the first signs of intolerance, there will be a gradual loss of interest on the part of both partners.

Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

in love: love and relationships

The romantic relationship between the sign of Pisces and Aquarius turns out to be full of passion and creativity. We are faced with two signs endowed with a marked idealism. The Pisces woman in love likes to travel with the spirit and the Aquarius man in love is always determined to come up with new ideas to come up with.

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Altruists, Pisces and Aquarius always look for the most authentic side of things and work hard to try to improve, as much as possible, the living conditions of man. The Aquarius man tends to be too hasty in judging those who don’t follow his worldview, while the Pisces woman often proves too helpful to those who don’t deserve it.

Both have an introverted character and, before falling in love, they turn out to be excellent friends. Arguments rarely arise between them, although sometimes Aquarius annoys the partner by taking positions dictated exclusively by the intellect; for its part, the sign of Pisces often proves to be too altruistic and naive for the tastes of Aquarius.

The strength of the Pisces-Aquarius relationship is the modern character of the couple, which manifests itself in the desire to know as much as possible. Both manifest the desire to give life to a relationship which has its best weapons in enthusiasm, sincerity and passion.

Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

in love: the challenges

Aquarius is an Air sign, while Pisces is a Water sign. The couple manages to perfectly combine feeling and intellect, generating a stable and complete bond in all respects. The more the romance develops, the more the bond becomes complete. If all goes well, it seems that nothing and no one can deteriorate the complicity that has been established, but when things start to take a bad direction, the communication between the two lovers is abruptly interrupted. The sign of Pisces is encouraged to act on the initiative of the partner, while the Aquarius, like its partner, can learn to be more tolerant and open to the problems of others. In case of cooperation the two partners form an excellent team; even if they don’t agree, they always manage to find the balance point. Major conflicts are found due to the excessive need for emotional support of the sign of Pisces, or due to the superficiality of Aquarius, who is often more focused on his ideas than on his feelings.

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The different way of reacting to situations can create a kind of barrier between the two partners. The Aquarius man is always very quick to push away those who disagree with his positions, while the Pisces woman easily detaches herself from a situation that does not suit her and immediately finds something else to focus on. Beyond all the problems that may arise in the relationship, both partners tend to forgive and forget quickly, therefore the balance will be restored in no time.

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