What documents must a rental guarantor provide?

In order to protect themselves from possible unpaid bills, owners almost systematically require a rental guarantor before signing a lease for the benefit of a new occupant. To be accepted as such, this guarantor must provide documents which justify his ability to ensure, in place of the tenant, the payment of the rent in the event of default.

In order to avoid any refusal, our experts come back here in detail, on the list of said documents.

Documents justifying the identity of the guarantor for rental

The rental guarantor document to be provided to prove one’s identity varies depending on whether it is a natural person or a legal person.

The supporting document to be provided for natural persons

If your guarantor is a natural personhe just needs to provide one of the following documents:

  • National identity card (issued in France or abroad);
  • Driving license (issued in France or abroad);
  • Passport (issued in France or abroad).

For legal persons

If it is a legal entityit is necessary to add at least two of the following documents to the file:

  • An original KBis extract less than three months old;
  • A copy of the company’s articles of association;
  • A document justifying the legal existence of the company, on which appear the name of the person in charge and the address of the registered office;
  • An identity document of the legal representative of the company.
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Guarantor’s proof of address

The rental file must contain a document justifying the domicile of the chosen guarantor.

It can be:

  • The rent receipt for the previous month;
  • The previous month’s property tax notice or a title deed (for owners);
  • A gas, electricity or water bill dated less than 3 months;
  • A certificate of insurance less than 3 months old.

Proof of professional activity of the guarantor for rental

In order for your rental file to be accepted by the owner, your guarantor must provide proof of a professional activity. The document to be provided here depends on its status.

If he is on an internship, a trial period or an employee, a copy of his employment or internship contract, or a certificate from his employer is required. For the certificate, the following information is mandatory:

  • The position held;
  • The date of taking office;
  • Compensation ;
  • The duration of the trial period (for guarantors during the trial period).

If the guarantor is more of a legal person, a commercial enterprise for example, you need a K or K Bis extract from the trade and companies register dated less than three months. For the artisansit will rather be a original D1 extract from the trades register less than three months old.

One self employed can also act as guarantor for rental. In this context, he can justify his profession by providing a copy of his Insee identification certificate, with identification numbers.

If your guarantor is more of a liberal profession (real estate agent for example), he will provide a copy of his professional card to justify his activity.

For all other types of professionals not mentioned, recent proof of their activity will be required.

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Guarantor For Rental

The proof of resources of the guarantor for a rental

Your guarantor must prove to your future landlord that he has the necessary resources to pay your rent and your charges in the event that you have outstanding payments.

Admittedly, the law does not impose a specific minimum income. But as a general rule, owners require a guarantor whose income is at least 3 times higher than the amount of the rent.

In order to prove that this is indeed the case, one of the following documents must be added to the file:

  • For an employee : the last three payslips;
  • For a company : the last notice of taxation or non-taxation in France. If the company is established outside French territory, any equivalent document issued by the tax authorities of this State or this territory is admissible;
  • For the liberal professions : a copy of the last two activity reports or a certificate of resources for the current year issued by an accountant;
  • Of the proof of income land, rental income, life annuities or movable capital;
  • Proof of payment of allowances, retirement pensions, allowances or social and family benefits over the last quarter.

Let us specify here that your lessor does not have the right to require a bank account statement, proof of credit or any other similar document.

surety bond, to formalize the commitment of the rental guarantor

The deed of guarantee is a handwritten letter through which the guarantor undertakes to pay the rent, the charges and any repair costs in the event of default by the tenant. In this context, the free choice is offered between a simple surety and a joint and several surety.

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In the case of a simple deposit, the lessor can only turn against the guarantor after having exhausted all legal remedies against the tenant.

On the other hand, in the event of a joint surety, the guarantor is liable in the same way as the tenant. In other words, the lessor can turn against him from the first non-payment to claim the amounts due to him.

Guarantee, to find a guarantor in 5 minutes

With all these requirements, finding a guarantor among loved ones is rarely as easy as it seems. Similarly, unless you have a sufficient advance, a bank guarantee is often difficult to envisage.

So as not to lose a good housing opportunity, Garantme therefore offers a simple and quick solution. Ideal for young working people and students, this formula makes it possible to quickly benefit from a joint surety in order to guarantee the solvency of the tenant.

To benefit from it, simply submit your file directly for study on Garantme.fr by completing the form and uploading the requested supporting documents. The site guarantees a response in less than 24 hours, with the issuance of an eligibility certificate to be presented to the owner.

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