Steps to find a rental property

Generally, it is still not easy to search for the best real estate rental. Since many people are looking for a rental property, sometimes the rental offer can no longer meet the demand. There are also areas where burglary is very common. Indeed, finding a good rental property is like a race against time. The first test is to decrypt the ads. Then, ask for help from an individual or professionals if necessary to facilitate the search.

Tips for Deciphering Abbreviations in Ads

To look for a good real estate rental, it is necessary to read the classified advertisements published in the local newspapers or on the Internet. Sometimes reading the ads is a problem because of the existence of many abbreviations that need to be deciphered. In the field of real estate rental research, it is important to know how to decipher the abbreviations in the ads.

To help you, here are some tips for the most common abbreviations. To trade, here are some abbreviated words to know: Bedroom (Ch), Bathroom (Sdb), Shower room (Sde), Garage (Gge), Charges included (CC, TTC, TCC), Excluding charge (HC) and Supplement (Extra).

Apart from these abbreviations, one must know how to distinguish the difference between T1 and F1. Originally, the promoters invented these two acronyms to abbreviate the scriptures. Today they are constantly used in real estate advertisements, yet their difference is still bleak. The acronym « T » means « type », while that of « F », « function ». The number « 1 » which each of two acronyms indicates the number of rooms, excluding the bathroom and the kitchen. Next ; the difference between 2/3 and 2bis. Sometimes people confuse these two abbreviations, yet they are not the same, 2bis indicates that one of the rooms is larger than the others, the other is simply a fraction. Currently, a studio can also be referred to as « T1 » or « F1 ». A studio means a single room with an unopened kitchen or not.

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Ask for help from a private individual or a real estate agency

To rent accommodation, it is possible to choose from three approaches.

Go through an individual

The first step is to go through an individual. In this specific case, the owner-lessor takes care of the entire visit himself. This approach is sometimes advantageous since the future tenant has direct contact with the landlord. Indeed, he can negotiate the rent in return for some refreshments that the future tenant has taken care of. Pay attention ! The owner-lessor is often demanding, so all the necessary files must be prepared.

Call a professional

Then, it is possible to go through a professional, real estate agencies. The latter are mandated by the owner-lessor to carry out all visits. So, it is up to them to choose the future tenant, to draft the rental contract and to carry out the inventory. Be careful ! Always check that the agency has a professional card to avoid possible burglary or being scammed.

Contact a list seller

Finally, it is also possible to go through a list seller. The principle of the list seller is to withdraw a lump sum before accessing the available listings. It’s necessary always be wary of this approach so as not to risk being scammed. Since the beginning of July 2004, it is no longer possible to request without having seen the lists promised in the contract. You must then check that the contract indicates a few mandatory points, in particular the characteristics of the goods, the nature of the service, the exact amount of the remuneration and the terms of reimbursement. In short, the search for a rental is a delicate task, it is necessary to take precautions to achieve a successful rental of a house.

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