How to organize your house?

Some people like tidiness and order while others have given up on cleaning. But whatever your temperament (orderly, messy, maniacal…), it is advisable to adopt the right techniques for tidying up. Discover our tips and advice for decluttering a home easily. And follow our methods to clean up your home.

Why should you tidy up your house?

The question may surprise but deserves to be asked. Indeed, why should you regularly tidy up your house?

In certain situations (moving, impossibility of circulating in the rooms, etc.), it is essential to carry out proper storage.

But beyond these extreme cases, it is possible to derive other benefits:

  • first, tidying up your house or apartment also helps to declutter your mind. Cleaning up at home also means sorting out your ideas;
  • then, by regularly arranging your belongings, you will find them more easily. This therefore represents a considerable saving of time. In the morning, for example, you will waste less time choosing your clothes since they will be tidy in your dressing room;
  • then, a tidy house is also more welcoming for a visitor (family, friends, acquaintance…);
  • while tidying up, you will also realize the uselessness of certain objects. Ranger then makes you want to turn to minimalism, which is a good thing for the planet;
  • finally, tidying up your house allows you to find missing objects. You will then not need Guaranteed Money Win!
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How to tidy up your house in one or two days?

If you follow the Marie Kondo method, tidying up does not take place over time, but in a radical way. Take a day or a weekend to clean up your home. This technique is also recommended in cases of force majeure (moving, for example).

And to be motivated, ask for help from a loved one, especially if the scale of the task is substantial. In the case of Diogenes syndrome, it is better to call on a storage specialist such as a home organize.

The objective is to sort by making two piles. On one side, lay out what you want to keep (and therefore, which you will put away later). And on the other, put what you want to get rid of. Attention, it is not a question of throwing aside if the state imposes it, but of giving to an association or selling at a low price in a garage sale.

Either way, stay focused on your sorting and don’t get distracted. You will put away and donate your obsolete items later. To be more effective, always start with the most cluttered spaces (garage, attic, storage room, space under the stairs, etc.).

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How to tidy up your house in several times, over the water?

If you don’t have enough free time to tidy up in a day, it’s entirely possible to declutter your house as you go. To do this, you have to break up the task by sorting piece by piece, as soon as you have a time slot available.

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To succeed in your business, you will need motivation and a certain sense of discipline. It’s hard not to give up along the way when you don’t like cleaning. But think about the benefit you will get from it.

The trick to holding on over time is to give yourself 30 minutes a day to tidy up a specific space (a piece of furniture, a room, etc.). And wait until the end of the week to evacuate the objects that you no longer want to keep.

Finally, to be effective, it is necessary to attack strategic places such as the office or the buffet in the dining room from the start.

How to sort objects when you like to keep everything?

To tidy up your house, it is first recommended to get rid of unnecessary things or things that you no longer like (old toys, outdated clothes, sports equipment, etc.). There are also gifts that we don’t like and compulsive purchases like trinkets, gadgets…

If you hesitate in front of an object (keep it or “throw it away”), ask yourself the right questions: does this object bring me joy or does it simplify my life? Do I already have other copies at home? Have I used it during the year?

In the event of a major dilemma for an object with sentimental value, for example, store it in a box, taking care to indicate the current date. If after a year, the box has not been opened, consider it appropriate to get rid of the object permanently.

declutter a bedroom, How to do it ?

The bedroom is an intimate place. Consequently, we often tend to let ourselves go a little on the cleaning side. And yet, having a tidy bedroom is much more pleasant for sleeping and resting.

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There are a few tips for tidying up your bedroom without spending a lot of time on it:

  • every morning, make your bed because it is the most important piece of furniture in the room. Smoothing out the sheets, putting the duvet and the pillow back in place takes little time;
  • and in the evening, remember to store your clothes in the wardrobe or on a rack provided for this purpose. This will save you from having to wear wrinkled clothes in the office;
  • Systematically put objects back in their place (e.g.: remote control, book read, empty tissue box, administrative paper, etc.). Never leave these small everyday objects lying around on your bedside table or chest of drawers;
  • also use smart storage for your clothes and accessories (chest of drawers, coat hook, valet, storage box to put under the bed, headboard that serves as storage, etc.);
  • finally, in case of a desk in the bedroom, put it away every time you finish using it so as not to pile up papers and office accessories. Make good use of the lockable drawer.

Labels to easily find your belongings

One last tip for tidying up your home efficiently and sustainably, consider labels. They are used to find a stored object, but not only. It is also an unstoppable way for each of the occupants of a house to know where to put the object.

Thus, even children can participate in tidying up. And to make the operation even more fun with toddlers, make the label creative (embroidery, painting, photography, calligraphy, drawing, printing, cutting, etc.).

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