Can we forget our twin flame?

Understanding Twin Flame Dynamics

Can twin flames forget each other, accept their separation, and just move on?

Ask yourself – can you really free yourself from a part of yourself?

Of course, over time it can go dormant, but it is not possible to forget your twin flame. Your ability to experience the full range of human emotions cannot be taken away from you. Your mind cannot forget how to feel joy. He cannot unlearn. Likewise, you and your twin flame are related by spiritual blood. Universal energy powers your bond.

You were one before you were born, and no force of nature can break this union. There is no point in hiding or running away from your twin flame. We try to run away from ourselves all our lives, but where does that get us? Did we succeed? Does it give us peace? No!

And the twin flame is just a piece of us that’s been scattered – just waiting to be found.
To understand the dynamics of a twin flame connection, you must first fully immerse yourself in its deep abyss. You can’t just taste your twin flame love and pretend you’ve figured out everything there is to know about a twin flame relationship.

The twin flame is the one that is your other self, part of your soul. So there is a universal answer which is – NO, you cannot forget your twin flame. It is part of you and you will never forget something that has its existence within you.

No matter where you are, whatever you are doing, your twin flame is always there in the back of your mind. It’s like a numb pain that stays with you all the time, stabs you every second and makes you feel alive. You exist because of this pain. She may be far away physically and yet your twin flame exists in every breath you take, in every passing second. In your subconscious, it is present in everything you do.

You may feel like your twin flame is close to you and communicating through unfamiliar telepathic signs. You can see her name in certain places, every little thing about her will remind you of her, at different times and in different places. Twin flames can never forget each other. They can be with their life partner, but that feeling will never be complete because a part of them would always be missing somewhere, no matter how hard they try to be happy.

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Finally, one day, you will certainly feel happy that you liked it. Because it’s a once in a lifetime love. And you will be grateful to your twin flame for experiencing such eternal love.

Twin flames: an eternal relationship

A twin flame relationship is terrible and euphoric at the same time. It binds you and also becomes a source of freedom. Regardless of your will, a soul contract binds you and you must fulfill it at all costs.

At times it may seem like this soul contract and twin flame union is destroying you and leaving you in a state of dismay – but in time you will realize that it was all for your best. Running away from your twin flame relationship will only prolong the inevitable and make things worse for you. If you and your twin flame heal each other through constant struggle, you will reap well-deserved rewards for your efforts. Your heart compass will always point in the direction of your twin flame. Follow your heart and find your truth.

So, can twin flames forget each other? Absolutely not!

There is no need to “let go” or “move on”: you can trust your own inner knowing. Severing this link is impossible. It’s a battle none of us have to fight or win. Twin flames need to find the “right” place to occupy in their hearts – this is not about trying to erase your twin flame or forget about it. The real battle is moving at your own pace toward that space where you can love freely. The bond between twin flames is very strong, telepathic and almost uncontrollable – so “letting go” is impossible.

The relationship with your twin flame is about raising your vibrations in order to open yourself to unconditional love. So every time you try to « let go » it will cause you deep pain and cause you to stop in your tracks. You can no longer hold your vibration high because you have been brought back to pain.

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Suffering, pain and fear are the opposite of unconditional love, trust and faith – vibrationally. “Letting go” isn’t mandatory and doesn’t mean much on this path – what you really need is to detach yourself from the outcome. And it will only happen when you are ready. Raising your vibration should be your primary goal. The rest will happen accordingly.

In fact, we don’t decide to forget people, we can’t force this stuff. We can move past attachment and be happy no matter what is happening on the outside when our vibration is high enough – not the other way around. We never forget our soul mates, deep friends, our partners, our family – who meant so much to us. We release or let go of relationship patterns or ways of being in our relationships – not the people themselves.

Finding the middle ground between love and detachment

So, if you have been advised to forget your twin flame, know that this is not possible. There are other ways forward – while keeping possibilities open for the future. You need to find the middle ground between love and detachment.

We cannot forget such a connection. Either we are obsessed with it, or we manage to love in a detached way at our own pace. This is what happens when we truly find our own joy and our own power, so that the outer becomes less and less important – which is why this path is first and foremost a Journey into the Self.

The truth is, twin flames never “forget” each other. They simply find enough strength and joy inside to live happily no matter what happens outside. It’s not about ‘letting go’ or ‘forgetting’ – it’s about seeing things from a different perspective, forgiving, believing that a new version of love might happen in the future and work at the same time to break away from this hope. Hope and faith yes – but detachment from the outcome and happiness no matter what.

In other words, what is needed is finding a balance between: love, hope, peace, harmony, coming together energetically, seeing the beauty in it, being grateful AND wanting it happening now, knowing when and how, developing new expectations, trying to make things happen or to bend life to our will which ultimately leads to attachment and impatience.

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Because each time we develop hope again, we are tempted to form expectations at the same time. In other words, we are getting too close to our twin flame. So, ultimately, we’re disappointed if things don’t go as planned, and we walk away from that again – because getting closer to seeing that nothing is happening or changing, brings too much pain.

Over time, you will be more and more able to love in a detached way – you will love no matter what.

This is when love becomes magic – you love freely and let yourself be.

Your twin flame is there to show you that there is a possibility of love beyond the paradox of love = constraints, attachment, fear of loss, and knowing what will happen in the future. It is a commitment from the higher realms.

Growth happens at your own pace based on your own experiences, background, and personalities. Your goal is to maintain a high vibration. The most important thing is to feel at peace with your twin flame, no matter where they are or what they are doing. This vibration of harmony is the only one that can truly bring lasting joy to this journey.

Your goal is to find peace, harmony, and deepen your love with your twin flame—without falling back into wanting now and drowning in expectations. Because it would ultimately lead you to feelings of disappointment or resentment if it didn’t turn out the way you thought…and it would cause a new cycle of separation.

Just love freely…

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