Spell, curse: does it really exist?

Is it really possible for someone to send bad energy to you? The answer is yes, however, that doesn’t mean you’ve been spellcast or that bad energy is going to impact you.

Just as you can send good wishes and vibrations to the Universe, you can send negative wishes as well. These can be deliberate and conscious or they can be unconscious.

Whenever we think badly of someone or feel jealous of someone, we are essentially sending bad vibes to them. These bad vibrations not only affect the person, but they also affect the environment and your own energy level. They also contribute to the lowering of the consciousness of the entire planet.

Sending bad vibes or casting a spell on someone has consequences, which is why we need to think positively about ourselves and others as much as possible. After all, as the old rule of magic says, what you send comes back to you three times.

So while it is possible for someone to send bad waves to you, this negative energy can only enter you if you are in a lower state of consciousness.

When you vibrate at a higher frequency, when you take action to protect your energy and keep your thoughts positive, no bad energy can harm you.

When you are in a low vibration or operating with fear, you are more likely to notice the bad vibrations around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone can actually hurt you, but it may be harder for you to see the positive.

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In a way, we are constantly pushing back negative energies throughout the day. The bad moods that people carry, the aggressive drivers on the road, these people can only really affect us if our mood is bad or if we are in an extremely sensitive state.

When you’re in a good mood, you don’t even notice these negative things.

When you vibrate on a higher level, you see the world differently and nothing can bring you down.

There are many ways to increase your vibration and energy level like focusing on gratitude, meditating, being creative, playing sports, etc., but if you think someone is sending you bad vibes, here is what you can do.

Keep the bad vibes away

1. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful white light around you. See the light cover your whole body and spread outward so that it surrounds your physical and energetic body.

2. Once you have a clear visual, imagine all the bad waves being sent to you as a cloud of black smoke in front of you. If you know the person who sent you bad energy, you can also visualize their face.

3. See the dark cloud of bad vibrations in front of you. Know that your golden light is protecting you and that these bad vibrations cannot penetrate your shield. Now imagine that you are hugging the cloud of bad vibes or the person in front of you. Imagine the beautiful white light around you cleansing and diffusing negative energy. See the dark cloud of bad energy in front of you transform into white light. See the person in front of you turn into white light.

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4. Now imagine yourself stepping back from this energy. See yourself pure and whole with the unspoiled white light all around you. Repeat to yourself gently three times, “I am safe and I am always protected. The energy is always around me.

This simple exercise will help you to diffuse any negative energy sent to you and will also help you get rid of your own.

Remember, don’t be afraid! No one can harm you without your permission, no one can cross your energy barriers unless you allow them to. You are in control!

If you need more support, ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to help protect you and keep you safe.

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