Cancer season

The start of the Cancer season is always a special celestial event as it coincides with the solstice of June 20/21.

The solstice represents the longest or shortest day of the year depending on which hemisphere of the world you live in. It is also said to be a time when the veil between dimensions is thin, allowing us better access to invisible worlds.

It has also been said that at the time of the Solstice, the energy grid of the entire planet moves in the same frequency, creating a powerful harmony that can be used for healing and ritual work.

Along with the solstice energies, this year’s Cancer season also begins with the alignment of Venus in trine with Neptune. It is a beautiful combination of energy and it will add to the harmony.

As we move through the sign of Cancer, we also benefit from a special and very rare alignment of Venus and Mars, which is again a force of harmonization, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

The Cancer season 2021 will therefore be a sweet and nurturing time where we can move forward at our own pace, focus on healthy relationships, and spend time nurturing and creating inner and outer harmony in our lives.

Here are the key astrological dates for the 2021 Cancer season

June 20/21 – Solstice + Jupiter Retrograde

In tropical astrology, the Solstice officially welcomes the start of the Season of Cancer. Just before the solstice, we have Jupiter entering in retrograde, joining Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Adding another retrograde planet will slow the energies down, giving us a chance to reflect and perhaps redirect our attention.

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June 22 – Mercury retrogradation

Now is not the time to rush or commit to long term plans as things are likely to change. Give yourself a break and stay open to any new ideas or information that may come your way. Mercury retrogradation is a good time to reassess and revise, so this energy is always very much encouraged. Mercury regains its usual strength and clarity on July 7th and, you may also regain a sense of clarity at this time.

June 24 Super Full Moon in Capricorn

The Super Full Moon brings a welcome break from all of the Eclipse energies we have experienced, but this Full Moon is charged! There are so many different energies right now, giving this Full Moon some generic energy. Use the earthly influence of Capricorn to anchor your energy and create stability and focus in your life. Things may seem a bit scattered, but it is likely to be short lived.

June 25 – Retrograde Neptune

Neptune goes into retrograde, which gives us a total of four planets in retrograde. Again, this creates a slowing down of energy and encourages us to embrace more of this energy of revisiting and reassessing. Retrograde Neptune can sometimes reveal secrets and truths. It can also help us understand what is fact and what is fiction.

July 3 – Mars Square Uranus

A volatile combination of energy that can be felt a few days before and a few days after. Anything that is unstable or weak can be revisited. You may need to assess what it’s worth fighting for, what needs fixing, and if it’s time to let go.

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July 3-7 – Sirius Gateway

Around this time each year, the Sun aligns with the star Sirius, unlocking a high-frequency energy gateway. Sirius is considered our spiritual sun and can illuminate higher frequencies, giving us better understanding and unlocking new spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

July 9/10 – New Moon in Cancer

It is the start of a new lunar cycle and it should bring fresh and welcoming energy. You will also find that any disturbing news or information that the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse brought back on June 10 is now surrounded by a little more clarity and understanding. This New Moon can make us feel very sensitive, so be aware of your energy levels and your limits. It is also a wonderful New Moon for spending time with loved ones or for creating a more nurturing and supportive environment at home.

July 13 – Venus conjunct Mars

A magnificent, rare and special celestial alignment! Venus and Mars are considered the cosmic lovers and when they meet we receive a renewed awareness regarding love, relationships and understanding duality. There is really no separation between us, and a deeper and more sincere understanding of this spiritual truth is possible at this time. This energy can also promote the meeting of soul mates and twin flames.

July 22 – The sun leaves Cancer for Leo

Cancer season ends as we move into Leo season.

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