Its influence on your sign

The astrological profile of the ascendant Capricorn

People with a Virgo ascendant are often a little low-key in their personal manners and appearance. In general, there is an aura of intelligence and reserve in people with an ascendant of the astrological sign Virgo. They are actually somewhat shy people who need time to analyze things around them before opening up to situations and people. This quality can be perceived as such, or as a rather distant, cold and even critical attitude.

There is an undeniable seriousness in people ascending Capricorns. Even when they joke, it’s deadpan.

People with a Capricorn ascendant project competence and are very image conscious – the clothes they wear and their mannerisms are very important to them. They want to appear successful, and they usually succeed!

Capricorn ascendants often adopted a strong sense of tradition, family, and responsibility from an early age. They are generally very attached to the family and are always worried about their safety and that of those in their charge. Capricorn ascendants are seen by others as hard-working, competent and reliable people. What others may not see beneath this cool, even suave exterior is an inner struggle: they often wonder, « Am I doing enough? » », « Do I deserve all this ? “, “How can I improve things? « . They worry a lot about the future.

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If success seems easy for these people, it is not. It is their patient, hardworking, and driven personality that can give that impression.

People with a Capricorn ascendant are reluctant to reveal their inner and emotional life to others for fear of being seen as weak. They show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, demanding the same effort from others. They are extremely career and goal oriented, and work diligently to make their plans a success. They are the most ambitious of all ascendants, and they are very traditional at heart.

Law and order are essential for Capricorn ascendants. For them, adherence to societal norms that govern and structure social life allows peaceful and harmonious coexistence with others. They don’t like spontaneity or coincidences, as they have to consider and plan everything carefully. They often put their own needs in the background.

Strong points : adaptable, provident and protective
Weaknesses : Excessive, stubborn, cold
Ideal partner : Someone educated and ambitious
Life lesson for Capricorn ascendant : Spending more time with loved ones.

The influence of the Capricorn ascendant on your astrological sign

Discover what the Capricorn ascendant brings to the astrological signs

  • Gemini rising Capricorn: There are two contradictory personalities in you: one loves adventure and games, the other is cautious and circumspect.
  • Cancer rising Capricorn: You have a fragile personality but also a great strength that hides within you. You are hardworking and tenacious, with realistic and clear goals.
  • Leo ascending Capricorn: You are used to hard work and you want to succeed and “elevate” yourself in the eyes of those around you.
  • Virgo ascendant Capricorn: This is a very good combination, which gives you foresight to face the vicissitudes of life. You are prepared for all the surprises and you know what is the most appropriate way to face your friends and your enemies.
  • Libra ascendant Capricorn: You exude a laid-back charm that attracts those around you. You recognize human weaknesses and can accept people as they are and forgive their mistakes.
  • Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn: This combination gives you the ability to determine your goals with great precision and direct you towards their achievement.
  • Aquarius rising Capricorn: This combination can lead you to personal triumph and material wealth. You have high ideals and you like to contribute to the betterment of society without giving up on your personal ambitions.
  • Pisces ascendant Capricorn: This is not a simple combination, but it has a great chance of succeeding. You have a realistic view of the world, which is harmoniously complemented by your intuition.
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The influence of the Capricorn ascendant in love

He is a romantic looking for a partner in worship. Since he is very emotional (due to the presence of Cancer in the 7th house), he is looking for a partner who has the same characteristics. He needs emotional connection, loyalty, care, and protection in his relationship. He also enjoys spending quality time with his partner.

The Capricorn ascendant goes well with Libra, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Weaknesses and strengths of the Capricorn ascendant

Capricorn ascendants make exceptional friends because they are always honest and a real rock to lean on. Stable, their moods do not change easily. They can usually be trusted, because gossip is not their thing.
They can, however, be extremely adamant and cold, showing very few feelings. They also like to play power games sometimes, as the need to be on top and to be in charge is very strong with them.

These celebrities who have the sign of Capricorn on the ascendant

  • Carole Bouquet (Leo ascending Capricorn)
  • Catherine Deneuve (Libra ascending Capricorn)

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