Oracles as a tool for personal development

What are oracles?

Although there is no need to spend years studying the tarot cards and to memorize all the meanings of the cards in order to be able to read them, the interpretation of the messages can nevertheless be delicate. The cards you draw may ask you more questions than you initially had. If you like this feeling, you might be interested in learning Oracle cards, which are easier to use.

The main difference between the two is that a tarot deck is based on a fixed system and usually consists of a set of 78 cards, each with its traditional meaning. Oracle games (oracle Ge, oracle of Bellina, oracle of the Triad), which are also used as an intuitive divination tool, do not necessarily follow a fixed structure.

The creator and artist of each oracle game selects all the details, including the theme, imagery, number of cards and the meaning of each. Some games feature archetypes, spirit animals, angels, … If the possibilities of illustrations and meanings are endless, the most interesting is that they are often written on the card or the booklet, which greatly simplifies the interpretation.

How are oracles a tool for personal development?

Oracle games support emotional and spiritual health by tuning the user to their intuition and deeper inner knowing.

Oracle cards can be just as effective as tarot cards at giving advice and insight, allaying fear and anxiety, and helping you tap into your intuition and the answers already within you. Oracle games promote personal and spiritual development by putting you in tune with your intuition and a deeper inner knowing that you can sometimes forget in the hustle and bustle of life.

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How to use oracles?

Think of Oracle Cards as your ever-available mystical advisor, able to answer any questions you may have. Are you ready to try Oracle cards? Here are some tips and a step-by-step guide on how to use Oracle Cards to explore your intuition.

1. Store your cards in a sacred place

Oracle cards are sacred intuitive tools, which is why we recommend that you treat them as such and keep them in a specific place in your home.

2. Don’t over-analyze

Although intuitive messages don’t always make a lot of sense, it’s important to trust them. When receiving your intuitive messages, do your best not to overthink them. Rather thank your soul for this information and ask for more. Following your intuition takes trust, faith, as well as openness and a willingness to be surprised.

3. Create card reading rituals

We recommend that you incorporate small rituals into your day where you take a moment to take a break, connect with yourself, and draw a few cards. We also suggest that you take out the cards to use them on special occasions, such as when you are with friends or for a new moon ritual.

7 steps to use oracles and appeal to your intuition

1. Infuse the cards with your energy

To create a strong relationship with your oracle cards, we recommend that you first imbue them with your energy by playing with them or even carrying them with you. The more you use and touch your games, the more they work for you and with you.

2. Clearly define what you want to be guided on

As with tarot cards, the power of the information you receive depends on the quality of the question. This is why we advise you to first be very clear on what you want to be guided on and to formulate a question around it.

3. Shuffle your oracle cards well

Shuffle the cards until you feel complete, which usually takes seven or more shuffles. Then cut the game into three piles and put them back into a single pile. Remember to breathe and be present as you do this, and allow your energy to merge with that of the cards.

4. Lay out the cards

Lay out your cards and wave your hand over them until you feel a magnetic pull and choose a particular card. You can spread a single card, or select multiple cards, depending on the spread you choose to do and how deep you want to achieve with that draw. Many oracle games often come with a booklet with tips on how to use them. But, if you want to keep it super simple, draw just one card.

5. Let your intuition be your guide

Once you have drawn a card or several cards, we suggest that you do not dive right into the guide to look for its meaning. Leave your intuition guide meaning for a few minutes. This will allow your intuition to lead the way while inviting your deeper subconscious to receive a message as well.

Notice any theme, word, phrase, or symbol in the cards. Have any pictures, words, sounds or feelings come to your mind? Or, did you have an inner knowing of something?

6. Look in the guide

Once you’ve considered the cards for yourself and picked up on the intuitive messages, you can read the description in the guide to note any parallels you notice and gather additional information.

7. Summarize the main message

Finally, summarize the main message you received from Oracle Cards based on what came to you intuitively and what you learned from the guide. You can meditate on what appeared to you.

Finally, identify what actions you can take based on this advice, because what good is the universal advice if we don’t put it into practice?

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