Palmistry: what the lines of the right hand reveal

Palmistry: right hand or left hand?

The first question that comes to mind in palmistry is whether to study the left hand or the right hand. There are many theories and beliefs about this. In ancient India, people were of the opinion that for men the right hand should be examined, and for women the left hand. Today, most palmists are of the opinion that the active hand should be read and that there should be no age or gender discrimination. But the active hand still matters. The active hand, also called the dominant hand, is the one with which we write and use most tools. The other hand is called the passive or recessive hand.

The passive hand tells of past habits and life incidents. These past habits and behaviors were the result of environmental and genetic influences. The dominant hand tells the present and the future. The dominant hand, which is the right hand for most of us, tells about the person’s current behavior and the changes they have made in their life. So it can easily be understood that if a person has distinct lines in both hands, he has made many changes in his life. If there are better lines and signs in the dominant hand, then those changes are positive. However, if the passive hand has better lines, it clearly means that it had better potential that was not realized.

Palmistry: dominant hand and recessive hand

While both palms play a role in palmistry, your dominant hand therefore represents more of who you are in the present moment. And on the other side, it’s your non-dominant, which informs your destiny.

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That doesn’t mean your non-dominant hand has crystal ball powers. On the contrary, your recessive hand shows the wisdom of what you have been through.

And, yes, the lines of your hand change with the changes that occur throughout life. To track changes from year to year, take a picture of your palm in daylight.

Palmists usually focus on the dominant hand because it shows where a person is now and what will happen in the future. But the recessive hand is equally important because it shows the pattern given at birth. The recessive hand shows the qualities given at birth, and the dominant hand shows what has become of those qualities. It is therefore always very useful to look at both hands to see where a person is from and where they are now.

Sometimes it doesn’t make a difference at all because the hands really are exactly the same. It means that the person follows his basic life path.

The shapes of the hands


earth hand : square palm and short fingers. It reflects a practical and serious personality, which is very fond of physical activity. Those with these types of hands tend to choose manual trades, such as gardening or carpentry and mechanical work.

hand of air : square palm, traversed by numerous wrinkles and long fingers. People with these types of hands are generally expansive, intellectually curious, and emotionally stable. They may be inclined towards professions related to communication – such as literature or journalism -, education or public relations.

hand of fire : rectangular palm with very marked lines and short fingers. Refers to a very impulsive and energetic personality. Those with this type of hands are particularly attracted to activities and professions that involve great challenges, risks and a lot of creativity, such as medicine, law or the arts.

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Water hand: prectangular blade with thin lines and long fingers. They are the sign of a sensitive, calm and very creative personality. These people show interest in occupations that require planning and in which they don’t feel too pressured, such as research, sales, or office jobs.

Meaning of fingers

The thumb tells us about innate vitality and energy, will and instincts, and the ability to assert oneself in the world.

The index finger is ruled by Jupiter and informs us of self-directed conscious will, ambition and assertiveness, and finally ideals.

The middle finger is ruled by Saturn and represents objective values, reality, practicality, the inexorable, responsibility. It is the finger of fate.

The ring finger is ruled by the Sun and informs us about love and unions, also the aesthetic sense and artistic tendencies, finally the possibilities of becoming famous.

The little finger is ruled by Mercury and informs us of the intellectual side and knowledge, skill and cunning, communication and eloquence, and the desire for wealth.

The influence of thumbs

The thumb reveals the key to personality. It is believed to indicate many things: some Hindu experts, for example, can only know the character of the person by analyzing it. However, the vast majority of palmistry practitioners insist on considering its length, flexibility, and placement in relation to the rest of the hand. In general, it reveals the level of energy and the will of the person.

A long thumb (extending beyond the index knuckle) shows a personality full of strength and energy. People with short thumbs tend to have low self-confidence and a poor ability to complete projects they start.

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Meaning is also affected by its location in the hand. A low thumb – which forms an angle between 60 and 90 degrees with the index finger – reflects a flexible, logical and independent person. In contrast, a thumbs up, one at an angle of 30 degrees or less, is usually a sign of a reserved person.

The most important lines in palmistry

hand lines

Lifeline: It surrounds the base of the thumb and informs us of vitality, sensuality and impulses, the lifespan and the time in which the most important things will be experienced.

Head line: It crosses horizontally the palm of the hand and informs us about the will, the judgment, the reason and the intelligence, the conscious mind, the will and the character, as well as all that relates to the brain and the nervous system.

heart line: above the line of the head, it informs us about love and feelings, the capacity for devotion and sacrifice and all that belongs to the sphere of the heart

fate line: starting from the base to the middle finger, it indicates the dreams that will be realized, the sense of duty and responsibility, the destination and the possibilities of success.

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