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The astrological profile of the Aquarius ascendant

As the natives of the ascendant of the astrological sign of Aquarius are unique and original ! Often solicited for advice, these natives have an ease and a sense of intelligence. They are often curious and erudite. Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius Ascendant.

It is difficult to shock an Aquarius ascendant. They’ve seen it all, or at least want you to think so.

Most people with this Ascendant are rather friendly and sympathetic. They usually give a lot of freedom to others, generally accepting people from all walks of life as equals. Their somewhat cold and detached curiosity about everything going on around them appeals to most people.

Curiously, Aquarius ascendants can be a little aloof while being humanitarian and kind.

Often labeled as children independent and original, the natives of the ascendant of Aquarius often feel a little « different » or « special » throughout their lives. Their capacity for observation and deduction is often surprising. They are also able to make things work, even when the parts that make up the whole look like a puzzle with unusual pieces, especially when dealing with groups of people.

Because these people seem so open to new ideas, it can be surprising to encounter their resolutely stubborn side.

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Bearing in mind the future of‘humanity as a whole, some people born with an Aquarius ascendant neglect the more personal needs of their loved ones. They are often attracted to partners who possess self-confidence and ardor.

Organized, Aquarius ascendants find good solutions but seem totally devoid of emotions because they calculate and approach everything in a logical way.

Strong points : Organized, reliable and outgoing
Weaknesses : Cold and vain
Ideal partner : Someone passionate, lively and faithful
Life lesson for Aquarius rising : Accept that you don’t have all the answers.

The influence of the Aquarius ascendant on your zodiac sign

Discover what the Aquarius ascendant brings to the astrological signs

  • Aries rising Aquarius: Independent and unpredictable, you surprise everyone around you with your words and your uniqueness.
  • Taurus rising Aquarius: Your desire for security and material things comes up against your independence and your spirituality.
  • Cancer ascendant Aquarius: You are a very versatile person, often innovative and play an important role in society.
  • Leo Ascendant Aquarius: You are a person with a strong will and are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles.
  • Virgo rising Aquarius: You try to analyze and interpret all the mysterious and unexplored sides of life and can lose touch with the simple and everyday things.
  • Libra ascendant Aquarius: You are full of ideas that can bring you intellectual and material achievements
  • Scorpio rising Aquarius: You have a strong but conflicted personality. You feel a great need for action but do not know where to channel your energies.
  • Sagittarius Rising Aquarius: Aquarius’ sense of selflessness combines harmoniously with Sagittarius’ generosity to give you a selfless character with high ideals and high expectations.
  • Aquarius Rising Aquarius: You are very free and independent and constantly want to move into different spheres and get involved in new and unusual things.
  • Pisces ascendant Aquarius: Your choices are not necessarily guided by practical concerns, but by your intuition and your imagination.
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The influence of the Aquarius ascendant in love

In love and romance, Aquarius ascendants have a fun approach and seek variety. They are attracted to people who have a lot of class and a good sense of style. They desire a relationship based on mutual love, romance, loyalty and generosity. They need a partner who is powerful and has great self-confidence.

Aquarius feelings spread and grow quickly; in fact, they grow faster than anyone else’s. The Aquarius ascendant influences positively in love and makes you more helpful and compassionate towards family, friends and partner. He may come across as a bit cold at first, but he warms up quickly and opts for more intimate relationships.

In terms of compatibility, Aquarius rising signs generally get along best with other air signs like Gemini or Libra. They can also be compatible with water signs like Cancer or Scorpio, but are not as compatible with Cancer ascendants.

Weaknesses and strengths of the Aquarius ascendant

These people think at an accelerating speed, they master technology and can create the most amazing startups. They also attract many friends and are very popular.
People with an Aquarius ascendant can be very judgmental and stubborn, choosing to see things only their own way. Some have no pity for people who struggle with emotional issues and want nothing to do with them. Their thought process is: they created the problem, so they have to solve it!

It’s hard for Aquarius Ascendants to wholeheartedly commit to someone who doesn’t « get » them in their relationship. However, if Aquarius Ascendants are allowed to enjoy their emotional, physical, and psychological freedom, they can be loyal and loving partners.
They are very friendly and open-minded, but they can be unattached. The fear of losing their individuality and independence is always at the root of their decisions. If they think they are too committed to something, be it events or people, they quickly feel threatened and withdraw.

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These celebrities who have the sign of Aquarius on the ascendant

  • Russell Crowe (Aries ascendant Aquarius)
  • Jim Morrison (Sagittarius Ascendant Aquarius)
  • Christina Aguilera (Sagittarius Ascendant Aquarius)
  • Janis Joplin (Capricorn rising Aquarius)
  • Yves Saint Laurent (Leo rising Aquarius)
  • Barack Obama (Leo ascending Aquarius)
  • David Bowie (Capricorn rising Aquarius)
  • Adele (Taurus rising Aquarius)

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