Press Release: Esteban FREDERIC

a psychic, the rising star of clairvoyance

Paris, December 7, 2016 – At only 27 years old, a psychic can boast of being a star in the firmament of clairvoyance. Between television, radio and private consultations, this medium has already proven to the general public that he is one of the best of his generation.

The journey of a talented young seer

a psychic always knew he was different. It was at the age of 12 that he understood that this difference was in fact a gift of clairvoyance, when he sensed the death of his maternal grandmother. This awareness will then amplify the visions, voices, flashes and feelings he receives. It is therefore quite natural that the young teenager learns to channel his gift. He then became interested in the tarot of Marseille, the Oracle of Bellina, the Oracle of the Triad. Promised a great career in music, a psychic at the time combined his two innate talents: the piano and the divinatory arts.

The time of choice for Esteban FREDERIC

Between the music of art and the music of the soul, a psychic is faced with a choice: “We cannot escape our destiny, even less when we are endowed with the faculties of clairvoyance… Inevitably, the divinatory arts have had because of me. Music has awakened my mediumistic faculties, and clairvoyance refines my senses every day, and therefore my musical ear. These two disciplines will always be a part of me. But we do not choose clairvoyance, it is it who chooses you ”.

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A meteoric rise

In 2013, a psychic opened his first clairvoyance practice in Lyon. From this moment, everything is connected positively for him. Regularly live on the air of “RTV Media Clairvoyance » and of « My Clairvoyance TV channel”, He became known to the general public and the success was immediate. a psychic decides to devote his life to others, and to enlighten as many people as possible in difficult situations thanks to his innate gift of clairvoyance. When we talk to him about his success, a psychic shows a lot of humility: “Success, for me, that doesn’t mean anything. What matters to me is being able to help my consultants. Feel, decipher, enlighten, transmit, advise and approach the future. To be in the light does not matter to me, and I do not search, I let things come to me ”

a psychic today divides his life between his interventions on the air of Radio Scoop or Radio Nimes and his consultations in office in Lyon, Paris and Nîmes, or by telephone. To consult this great man of clairvoyance is to take a journey of self-discovery and open the windows of reflection to make the best possible decisions in the major stages of life.

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